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9/25/12 9:29 P

Great job, hard work pays off! emoticon

CCORWIN1 SparkPoints: (7,257)
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9/25/12 8:37 P

That's awesome! You must have been really rockin to complete it in that time! Way to go and i agree don't buy too many of those 16's at the rate you are going 14's will be here before you know it.

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LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (36,302)
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9/24/12 1:16 P

Isn't that just the BEST feeling: fitting into smaller sizes?!?

PHIPPSI SparkPoints: (3,931)
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9/24/12 11:01 A

well done..

I hope you continue to steam you way like a train into your size 14's and continue success to reach your goal. -)

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9/24/12 10:50 A


BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,955
9/23/12 8:52 P

Sweet 16. Don't buy too many of those 16s. If you keep truckin' that fast, you'll soon need 14s!! Proud of ya.

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9/23/12 7:01 P

Got into my first pair of size 16 jeans and tonight it took mu just over 16 minutes to walk 1.3 miles. I will be completing the Trick or Treat Virtual 5K sometime next week.

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