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8/18/11 10:57 A

Day 3: I skipped my workout and went to bed early. Also, went over calories because I went out to dinner with my brother at an Indian restaurant. I'm going to be good today though. Not really anything to write home about, but I figure I'm here being honest

8/17/11 10:21 A

Ok, here's how I did the first two days

Day 1: walked 60 min, did my Ripped in 30 workout, only went over calories by 7

Day 2: walked 60 min, over calories by 4

Is anyone else trying to get fitter by Halloween? Lets do this together! :) emoticon

8/16/11 10:06 A

Good morning everyone! :)

Yesterday I decided I was going to do a challenge for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. Yesterday August 15 it was 75 days until October 29th (not Halloween but many parties will be that day because its Saturday). Last year I bought an XL costume on clearance and could not fit it over my hips. I may not want to wear that particular costume this year, but I want it to fit.
My goal is to be in an XL costume by Halloween, because I want to look better in whatever I choose to dress up as.
I am aiming for 15lb lost

My plan is to
-walk on lunch three times a week
-jog three times a week
-do Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 dvd 5 times a week
- and most important of all, actually track everything I eat. Food is always what gets me. I exercise, I just don't always pay attention to what goes in my mouth

I started doing this yesterday, but then I thought maybe others are doing the same thing with the same goal, or would be interested in doing the same thing. So I posted it here :)

What are your goals for Halloween this year, and what is your plan to reach them?

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