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7/2/14 6:37 A

Years and years ago, I was unhappy in my job. And I signed up for a class at the YWCA-- I think it was called something like "Career Life Workshop". I forget how many weeks it was... once a week for maybe 8 weeks or more? Loads of aptitude tests, skills & strengths assessments, and worksheets and handouts, and different things we did in the class. And the bottom line for me (at that time) was that the salary, benefits, and flexibility that I had in the job I had-- were actually more important to me than *being happy* with my work. (I was a single parent with 2 little kids at the time.) It helped me change my attitude toward my job, and I stayed in that job for those reasons.

So I reckon I'd suggest you look around and see if the Y or a local college or something, offers some sort of similar class. When I took that class, it wasn't offered where I live-- it required I adjust my work hours and leave work early and drive over an hour and a half one way through rush hour traffic to a larger city and arrange for someone to pick up and keep my kids while I was at the class, etc etc. It wasn't convenient to take the class. And it cost money that was pretty hard to come by, at the time. But it was worth it. It can help you identify what your personal strenghs & skills are, and what is most important to you, in a job. Which would give you some direction in looking for something else to do.

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7/2/14 6:05 A

Get out and do something different or you'll never have joy and you'll regret it the rest of your life! Life's too short to be miserable! emoticon

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7/1/14 6:02 P

You may have to change your thinking. When you wake each day, say something you are thankful for. Then think positive thoughts about your job and find one small thing that is good. Do not focus on the negative.
Also, you may want to challenge yourself to do things differently at work if possible.

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7/1/14 7:49 A

Above is just one of the links found in search for 'right livelihood'. I took several months to note the pros and cons to career paths I could take before choosing. I even enlisted my dreams by asking them to reveal answers by asking just before going to sleep. Take time and consider the lifestyle that will be part of your choice.

I wish you success emoticon

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7/1/14 6:31 A

That is a tough one. I know our job can take so much out of us that you don't have alot of extra time and energy to find something else.

I'm not sure what you do but some thoughts to get you going in the right direction possibly...

First, be open minded to new ideas and interests that turn you on, even if it doesn't seem like something that could lead to a career/job.

Look for volunteer opportunities that sound interesting to you.

Check out iTunesU for free content that sounds interesting to you.

Good luck.

7/1/14 12:04 A

I am finding more and more that I dread going to work. I am not finding the joy in what I do anymore. It's well paying, yes. It does have moral value. But I feel like I'm just going through the motions.

"So what DO you enjoy doing, IAMARMSTRONG?", say 1,000 SparkFriends....

That's the kicker. I.don't.know. I just don't. I don't want to be they type to run from something I don't like. I'd rather start by running towards something I do.

I am at a loss on how to find 'it'.

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