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6/1/12 6:01 A

Good morning. I am sure not an expert, but I use the menu planner, and I have found out that I can get adequate carbs if I stay within my recommended range by using veggies and fruits for my daily carbs. ! I do have occassiosnal breads, but they are limited because I think they stick to me like glue. I am staying withng my calorie range, but sometimes , it's hard to eatr all the calories they allow me. I try, though. I do find my midriff shrinking. I am afraid to weith myself, as the scales aren't always nice to me, and I don't want to become discouraged. My blood pressure is coming down nicely, and friends comments about my weight loss are favorable. I want to see inches go !

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5/31/12 6:46 P

I love when people say it sounds dangerous. Of course it does. We have been told it is bad for about 40 years now. Proof is another thing all together. What sounds dangerous to me is 68.8 % of America being overweight( Weight of the Nation ).

As far as exercise, I do 90 minute walk daily, and 1/2 body workout with resistance bands. Besides this , I get in some basketball, and swimming when I have time. You know what the body uses to fuel your exercise.. the 100 lbs of fat on your butt, hips, and stomach. I still have about 50 lbs of fuel

I am sure as I approach goal weight , I will have to up my carbs to have some fuel, but you really only need about 130 gms of carbs, and your liver can produce 60-70 of that. Low carb diets naturally raise the carb levels over time, and you eventually eat enough to maintain your goal weight. Most low carbers I know, eat more vegetables than an average person. Sounds healthy to me.

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5/31/12 6:18 P

You're right Christina, the individual should do what they can stick with. I just don't like to see people reject low carb because they've been told it will clog their arteries and give them a heart attack, or that it will destroy their kidneys.

5/31/12 5:49 P

CHRISTINA---You have basically "hit the nail on the head" of basic weight loss guidelines currently.
The general goal is for the adult to discover an eating plan that works for them that they can live with for the rest of their life. And, I should also state that the plan should be nutritionally sound and meet basic nutritional needs for the adult. Therefore knocking out all those crazy, extremely low calorie, starvation style dieting approaches.

Dietitian Becky

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5/31/12 5:44 P

I feel like I should add in that it's not impossible to dramatically improve bloodwork, reduce blood sugar (A1C of over 16 down to 5.3), get off insulin and all medications, lose weight, hit a healthy BMI and maintain that level of health and weight loss without a low carb diet.

Really, I think a lot of it has to do with what the person likes and finds sustainable. In my experience, natural meat eaters and those with more of a savory tooth than a sweet tooth do well with low carb diets because it's not 'sacrificing' anything they'll miss. A friend of mine has tried low carb several times and quit every time because he couldn't deal with the restrictions for more than a few weeks (that quitting usually involved diving into the chocolate cake he'd convinced himself he was giving up forever). Another was a bacon fiend who couldn't care less about sweets or bread (simply a vehicle for his burgers, he said) and has done very well going low carb. I tried it once myself and felt sick to my stomach, sluggish, and like I had just eaten a pile of bricks.

There's nothing wrong with tailoring your way of eating to a healthier version of something you enjoy - in fact, I think that's the best way of doing it because then it doesn't feel like punishment. I fully admit that part of the reason I don't go low carb is because there are several foods I like that contain carbs and I'm not willing to cut those out of my diet permanently. Now, if my way of eating didn't work for me, I'd consider modifications, but my test results show the same things yours do - the important thing is that we're both seeing success.

Not to get too simplistic, but it seems that the diet that works is the one that the person can follow. For some, that's low carb. For others, that means a well-rounded but portion controlled diet. For others, it means going vegan. Any resasonable diet is worth checking out, but I think it's important to ask yourself if you can picture eating that way a decade from now, even if you're at a point where you don't need to lose weight. Obviously a lot of low carbers absolutely can, and that's fantastic - but it's not the only option available.

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5/31/12 5:13 P

Neither do low carbers.

5/31/12 5:10 P

Vegetarians are not cutting out a food group.
If you are referring to meat; it is actually the "protein food group" and includes: meat, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, legumes, soy foods, etc
If you are referring to the "dairy group", it actually includes other calcium-fortified alternative milk beverages like soy milk. vegetarians do not cut out a complete food group.

SP Dietitian Becky

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,439
5/31/12 5:02 P

Novemberlove, do you say the same thing to the vegetarians?

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5/31/12 4:29 P

NAYPOOIE: Her pancreas still produce a little bit of insulin, but she is not a clearly type 1 - even if the specialist said she is "in between".

5/31/12 4:24 P

Sounds very dangerous!!! You should never cut out food groups!!! I would really suggest she look into this eating plan!!!

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5/31/12 3:52 P

Did she workout because i dont understand how someone can exercise without carbs

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,439
5/31/12 3:37 P

Ex-presso, I'm not sure what you mean by "type 1/2 (mix)" diabetes. The causes are totally different, and although a type II can come to need insulin, they're still a type II.

I'm wondering if your friend is eating 20 total carbs or 20 net carbs. You can actually get quite a bit of non-starchy vegetables in and still stay under 20 net carbs. There are dozens of low-carb vegetables out there and like so many veggies, highly nutritious.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/31/12 12:06 P

Russel, that sounds phantastic!!

Diabetic Typ 2 is more the diabetic from eating, gaining weight, Type 2 is a disease you can't avoid. My mum is (and always was) slim and never had a sweet tooth. She was 120 pound when she gave birth for example.

I just wonder cause I changed my diet a couple of months ago cause of my allergy against some food. I eat vegan for 3 days a week and a bit of meat and fish the rest of the week. My chronic pain decreased and I do only need 1/5 of my painkillers.
My fasting blood sugar dropped from 100 to 80 and my cholesterol dropped as well.
Perhaps every body has different needs. And you have to find out which diet (as a long term eating) is right for you.
My GP told me, that there is a group of people who started to eat like in stone age. And there blood results after a couple of months had been phantastic.

When my friend told me her diet, I was simply irritated, cause I grew up with other (homemade) food types. My Mum always cooked healthy and good.
I gained weight mid 20 due thyroid disease. Never had any problem before.

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5/31/12 10:56 A

Low fad diet! Great one, Russell. Indeed, the spin masters have definitely managed over the last 40 years to convince us that a low-meat and low-fat diet is the best way to go while it is the real fad diet!

I eat about 60% calories from fat. 15% from carbs and 25% from protein. I have been doing this for about a year and a half and find it very easy to maintain. I just avoid grains, potatoes and overt sugars like you find in desserts. I also go light on fruits and any dairy that has a lot of lactose in it. My day consists of veggies, meats, cheeses and nuts. Treats include no-sugar yogurt, watermelon and berries. This is a diet where the foods I eat are not processed and generally can be identified by the part of the plant or animal from which they came. Yogurt is about as processed as I get. I am satisfied, feel completely in control and don't rely on exercise to keep my pants loose (although I do enjoy exercise, I am not worried that I will gain weight if I suddenly couldn't exercise for a while). My blood lipids, A1C and fasting glucose are all perfect. Your friend sounds like she is in Atkins Induction, which is more strict than I eat, but generally the same idea.

There is absolutely no nutrient in grains that you can't easily get elsewhere. And no, you don't need your carbs. I know many people who eat way fewer carbs than I do and they don't suffer fron brain death, constipation or low energy. The liver is just great at making any glucose you need to keep your body happy. Most starchy and sugary foods have important vitamins and minerals in lower concentrations than the vegetable or meat alternative. In other words, the only reason a slice of bread is filled with vitamins and minerals is that those have been artificially added back in after grinding. Generally speaking, stuffing yourself with wheat and rice is an inefficient way to get your essential nutrients. Processed food anyone? That would be what bread and pasta are.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/31/12 6:35 A

I started Atkins 3 years ago, and got off all my meds within a year for Type II diabetes. This is actually better for diabetes than the " diabetic " diet, which did nothing for me for 5 years. Type 1 means she'll not get off the meds, but eating low carb lowers blood sugars a lot. Mine averaged over 400, and now around 90.

I started this BECAUSE I have CHF and diabetes, and had high cholesterol, and blood pressure. Now I am off diabetes meds, and reducing BP, and cholesterol meds, hopefully off cholesterol meds in July.

If you talked to people on Atkins, you would note that while America seems to be getting more obese, and their bloodwork is getting worse, the opposite is true for low carbers. The problem with your mum, is no one would work with her to find a way for low carb to work. When I was on meds, I had to eat 5-6 smaller meals, to avoid a low blood sugar. Now I just eat 3 meals a day. It takes work when you have something like diabetes, even moreso for Type 1, but lower blood sugar would not be a disaster, nor would lower cholesterol, higher HDL, lower triglycerides, and much lower BP.

My point is.. low carb improves bloodwork.. every single test is better, and you lose weight. I get kidney function tested since I am on a diuretic ( dose reduced since low carb ), and no kidney issues either. All of the " dangers " are just myths. Moderate carb diets like South Beach might be more palatable than doing Induction, but in the end they all end up around the same place.

Omelettes, salads, 5 servings of vegetables, nuts, cheese, beans, seeds,and fruit, along with lean meats, fish, fowl, and seafood. Some people even eat whole wheat pasta,or bread, and potatoes on occasion. Like low fat, there are different levels to low carb. Some low carbers end up around the carb level of the " diabetic " diet, they just don't get it from eating Subway, and cereal.

My cholesterol dropped for over 200 to 104, and my blood pressure is around 105/65, granted I am still taking meds, but 2 pills, not 3, and it was 160/100 with those 3 pills, before low carb.

This is why I am so angry at the naysayers. I think people are dying because they are being scared off a diet that works, and is maintainable for life, in favor of a diet that is bad for 70% of us, and leads to obesity, and disease. Either the low fat diet doesn't work, or 70% of us can't stick to it.. now THAT is a diet that is hard to stick to for the rest of your life, not low carb.

When 70% of low carbers fail, THEN we can say it is hard to stick

I am personally waiting for someone to point out any proof that low carb has any danger. I eat more vegetables, and any test available I have improved on. Besides saying it will harm my kidneys, or my brain won't work, no one can point out something quantifiable. It is all just sayings, and beliefs.

The only one I think makes sense, is people don't want to eat fat, or meat because of taste preference. No one will stick to a diet they don't like the food. Other than preference, I see no reason to not do low carb. Since I have a prior heart problem, I am monitored very closely, and my doctors initially were reluctant, till I told them " I'm doing it with you, or without. " Now, they are ecstatic, even though they can't recommend it. I am the only heart patient with improving bloodwork. Even my echo's, and EKG's show improvement. My cardiologist talks about writing a paper on me.

I cut down to 55% fat, because I didn't feel the need to gorge on fat and meat, and stay under 150 grams of protein. I eat my veggies, and watch the weight drop off daily, 3 years later, and know my A1C will be closer to 5.0, and my cholesterol will be lower ( 104 last check ), and my HDL will be higher ( 33, and rising ). I have quit taking 8 pills now, and exercise 100-120 minutes every day. So, plenty of energy.

Several times I have been scared off low carb, and also when I would end up in hospital, hernia, ICD put in, etc. and I always felt sluggish, with headaches, and bloated. I don't even think Americans know what it feels like to be healthy, and not have " growing old pain ". The hospital feeds me a "healthy" diet, and then gives me Metformin, or insulin to correct the huge spike in my blood sugars.

I have no idea about Type 1 compared to Type 2, so wouldn't say to do low carb for Type 1 diabetics, but feel fairly confident saying that if people with Type 2 did Atkins correctly, they would be off meds, and insulin within a year or so. Problem is, the people that would know that are invested in keep diabetics as patients.

Great thread. Hope someday people realize low carb is harmless, and actually works. Then maybe people can stop dying needlessly.

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EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/31/12 4:44 A

Russel, thats why I asked :)

my mum for example eats small amounts of food (our 8 year old eats more then her!). she is not overweight, but has diabetes type 1/2 (mix) AND high blood pressure and high cholesterol - so such a diet would be a disaster for her. She really has to take medications otherwise her blood results are up in the sky :(

Another friend is using a slightly different kind and lost 7 pound in her first week. for breakfast egg with beans and vegetables. beans/peas/chickpeas meat and veg for lunch and dinner.
I'm happy for her, but I think its very hard to stick on such a diet for the rest of your life.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/31/12 4:00 A

It's not really a fad diet. It is how most people ate before this low fat fad diet ( 1970's -today ) we support today, and has led to 60% overweight in America.

You are talking of Atkins Induction, justhe first 2 weeks. Afterwards fruit, veggies, cheeses, nuts, and beans can slowly be added back in. Also, vegetables are allowed, along with salad on Induction, just 20 net carbs a day. Since there is a lot of fiber in vegetables, you can easily get 30 g total carbs, even more in after Induction when you add berries, and nuts. Many people on Atkins eat 60-80 NET carbs, and are close to 100 total, hardly restrictive, and capable of being eaten for life, since there are no side effects, besides losing weight, and improving bloodwork.

Over 100 million Americans are diabetic or prediabetic. While it is mostly because people can't follow the low fad diet, it still is the cause, since eating this way causes cravings. About 68.8% overweight, according to Weight of the Nation. So you can either believe that we are all failures, too stupid to follow a simple diet, or acknowledge that there is a better alternative.

I personally believe that one can lose weight on a low fad diet, if you can stick to it, but since most of us can't stick to it, it is a waste of time.I find it ridiculous that anyone would even listen to someone with a 68.8% failure rate, when they are attacking an alternative method.

Instead of repeating slogans about the dangers of low carb, go to the low carb teams, and talk to the many people who have lost 100 lbs or more, and are maintaining it ( the weight loss, and the diet ).

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/31/12 2:39 A

Thanks a lot for the answers.

My father lost 30 pounds in the 80th with Atkins - but as you can not stick to that for your whole life (i think) - he gained 40.

I will recommend my friend to visit her GP to monitor her blood results.


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/31/12 1:12 A

You have to look at it as some thing that you can live on for the rest of your life. That sounds so much like a fad diet. Our bodies need some carbs we also need fruit too. And that is way too much fat. A heart attack waiting to happen. No thanks I'll pass on that diet.

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5/30/12 7:17 P

Everything that I have read regarding dieting and maintaining a healthy life states that our calories and diet should consist of 50% carbs which includes fruits and veggies, 30% fat and 20%. protein. Our bodies need carbs for energy. A diet which consist of 74% fats sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, however I am not a doctor.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
5/30/12 7:07 P

That doesn't sound healthy and it certainly doesn't sound easy to maintain. A person NEEDS some carbs in their diet like they need some fat, some sodium, etc. Are they just eating lettuce then? As a salad would have veggies. Fruit is good for a person too.

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5/30/12 6:58 P

I am not sure about that carb amount, but I sure do like some green veggies with my other foods. Some people do thrive on this type of diet, but I guess I likes me spinach too much.

5/30/12 5:58 P

Not knowing the food selections, it is really hard to give specifics to this question. Here are some examples...the diet "could be"
--too low in calcium
--too low in fiber
--it is definately excessively high in fat
--too low in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, selenium, magnesium, folic acid, some B vitamins, etc.
--increasing one's risk for heart disease
--increasing one's risk of diabetes
--increasing one's risk for cancers
--increasing one's risk for pancreatitis
--increasing one's risk for gout

Dietitian Becky

5/30/12 5:32 P

The problem with that long term is that vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes are our biggest source of vitamins/minerals/phytochemicals. Foods that are highest in fat and foods that have protein without carbs are not the best sources of micronutrients. Over time there could definitely be deficiencies.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,009)
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5/30/12 4:32 P

That sounds very unhealthy to me. I try to stick as close as possible to the SP recommendations of 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fat.

5/30/12 4:27 P

I just started the Atkins Diet, which is low carb (20 carbs per day), 9 days ago and have lost 10 lbs as of today. I'm so happy to see such an impact so quickly. It's very motivating. I have not eaten any bread or fruit during this time and I am not missing cravings. I would not have believed it had I not experienced it myself. I know it's early and I will stay on this phase for only 2 or 3 weeks. But the other so-called "balanced" diets did not work for me. I have tracked my food for so many years now I've lost count and generally eat between 1200-1500 calories per day, and I do exercise at Curves and walk my dogs everyday. It was so discouraging to lose only a pound here and there despite doing everything right. I think some people thrive on low-carb diets. Hope I am one of them. emoticon

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/30/12 4:24 P

That's about how my husband eats, but he'll have some toast with peanut butter one morning a week before a specific workout, and he'll eat a small bag of chips once a week or so. He also eats salads with croutons here and there and has low (net) carbs protein bars a lot. But, he also adheres to an insane bodybuilding lifestyle of HEAVY lifting 5 days a week. So far, with the exceptions of few things (protein in his blood (orsomething like that) being a bit high at our last health screening, he's healthy.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/30/12 4:14 P

I just had a chat with a friend of mine.
She has to lose 100 pound and her calories come from:
fat. 74% carbs 4%, protein 22%
She eats around 1600 cal. Maximum 20 gramm of carbs.

No fruits, no vegs, only a bit of salat. No pasta, rice, potatoes, bread.
She eats hardbread made of flaxseed and mostly meat/sausages.

She said, she feels great, but I can't imagine that such a diet is healthy over a long period of time?

Are there some side effects?

just curious. :)

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