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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,151
7/30/13 10:40 A

stir fries with different veggies is a good way to create variety...try deferent assortments all the time.
See if you can have beans...a small serving of beans will help with starch cravings.
See if you can have sweet potatoes or butternut squash ... both are starchy and sweet ...ditto.

ANARIE Posts: 13,137
7/30/13 10:30 A

I just want to point out to everyone that this thread is two years old. The original poster is not in this situation anymore, I'm sure.

TCOOLEY412 Posts: 100
7/30/13 8:11 A

"My doctor seems to be an interesting person when It comes to what he thinks one should eat. He strongly urged me not to go to a dietician and refuses to refer me to one."

Based on this quote, I would get a second opinion on the diet he put me on. If he cannot or did not give you a valid reason (other than weight loss) for this restrictive of a diet and will not give you a referral to a nutritionist then I would be very leery of his practice. But that's just me.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
7/30/13 8:01 A

wow ! whats left to eat ?

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
7/30/13 7:41 A

Go back to your doctor and have him refer you to a dietician asap....that is a very restrictive diet and you will definitely need help in figuring out a varied eating plan as you don't have much to work with given your choices.

VANESSA22TAYLOR SparkPoints: (3)
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Posts: 1
7/29/13 2:21 P

hi I am a diabetic, no sugar. Dont like dairy, carbs balloons my stomach all i got is veggies

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 10,263
8/11/12 2:14 A

I worry about a doctor who refuses to refer you to a dietician. This diet is too restricted for health, and you need to follow your gut. If it doesn't feel right, get a new doctor. At least get a second opinion. How long does your doctor want you to stay on this diet? Nothing sound good here.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
8/11/12 12:40 A

that's quite a restricted diet, you definitely need to talk to a dietician

8/11/12 12:32 A

Wow I can't believe all the feed back I have been given. I know the diet seems restrictive and I don't really agree with it. My doctor seems to be an interesting person when It comes to what he thinks one should eat. He strongly urged me not to go to a dietician and refuses to refer me to one. I do believe that lower my carb intake would be good for me but not to completely cut out all carbs. I just feel fustrated to not have lost any weight yet. Feeling for low right now.

1954MARG Posts: 243
5/26/12 12:53 A

This diet sounds way too restricted to be healthy or achievable in the long term. Are you on an exclusion diet to identify allergies? That would be the only reason I can imagine anyone to recommend this except as a fad. If it is an allergy exclusion diet then I think that the "no carb" probably means no gluten, in which case you would be OK having potatoes or rice, but would need to avoid most other grains. Check again with your doctor to make sure that you have got the correct instructions. If it is an exclusion diet, then after a washout period each item will be re-introduced individually to see which, if any items cause a problem.

CNHAY5 SparkPoints: (31,136)
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Posts: 682
5/25/12 3:05 P

I had some of these and they were AMAZINGLY YUMMY! They have no flour or sugar added, they are sweetened by the bananas and dates.

Almond meal can be found at Food Pyramid or Whole Foods. You must give them a try!

Paleo Muffins:
3 bananas
3 eggs (cage free hens, anyone?)
1 cup pitted dates
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 cups almond meal
1 tablespoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon seal salt
1 1/2 cup shredded carrots
1 cup nuts (walnuts used in this recipe)
Blend the bananas, eggs, dates, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil in a food processor or blender.
Fold the dry ingredients into the blended mixture and add the shredded carrots and nuts.
Pour mixture into muffin pan and bake for 25 minutes @ 350 degrees! Experiment with your own tweaks and enjoy!

DOLLFACEDX SparkPoints: (198,929)
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Posts: 13,184
5/25/12 9:19 A

be aware there are two different types of carbs: simple & complex
absolutely limit simple carbs - zero would be good
even limit complex carbs - for a diabetic, more than 40 at any time will cause a sugar spike....some diabetics react to even smaller number of carbs

MLAN613 Posts: 17,534
5/25/12 8:23 A

I agree that you need to question why your doctor put you on this diet. And meet with a dietitian if he has a good reason.

COLBUCKSHOT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6
5/24/12 1:47 P

I say talk to your doctor about thinking about carbs using the glycemic index. Forget the old talk of carbs being bad. Eat protein with it and poof, it's perfect. Just watch the ratios, whatever they are. I'm the type that can eat whatever I want, well basically, with zero calorie restrictions.

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CMSLOCUM1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 217
5/24/12 12:41 P

Sounds exactly like the Whole30 challenge. I have been doing for a week and I hope you found a LOT of stuff to eat. I am loving it and feel great. Let us know how you are doing.

Whole30 has a cookbook out too that is wonderful.

ROBINS-NEST Posts: 1,052
4/22/12 7:32 A

1. Join the smart carb group! Very friendly and knowledgable!
2. Read the book Living Low Carb....30 cdifferent plans available.
3. Buy Honeywell Almond Flour-Blanched and sub it for flour. I made awesome fried chicken strips with it and chicken meatloaf!

2/27/12 1:11 P

It sounds like your Dr. might have read "Why We Get Fat," by Gary Taubes. Anyway, his recommendations sound a lot like a diet in the back of this book. It's the Duke University No Sugar, No Starch diet.

One of my Dr's. just said "carbs are not your friend." Rather than low - carb being over, there's a huge new way of low - carb, not Atkins, but lots of other ways, I'm not one to pontificate, but there are lots of Sparkteams i.e Grain Free, various low carb, Paleo and Primal.

There are differences among these. I only know, I seem to be addicted to carbs - I can't eat some without going overboard. You are not alone if you want to follow these restrictions.

2/27/12 1:02 P

Paleo and Primal have recipes available. Some of them include dairy, and some don't. I think they will fit your restrictions. There's a website with lots of recipes, . This guy, Mark, has two cookbooks, and I like the one with "Quick and Easy" in the title.

There's another book I saw on Amazon, with "Lazy" in the title - because this way of eating takes more preparation - with tips on how to adjust, I don't have that title, but it includes "lazy" and "paleo."

It is not NO-carb. You get carbs from fruits and vegetables.

GHOWARD25 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 143
2/27/12 11:20 A

you could go on the red meat diet just pick your meat right though

GHOWARD25 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 143
2/27/12 11:19 A

lettuce sprinkled with lemmon

JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
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Posts: 2,323
2/27/12 11:16 A

I agree that you need a dietian and why. Call the office and talk to a nurse.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
2/27/12 8:11 A

That's a complicated diet. Best of luck to you; I hope you find things that you enjoy.

123ELAINE456 SparkPoints: (167,615)
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Posts: 88,052
2/27/12 4:06 A

What is this diet for? Get a dietition to work with you on this. Maybe with the dietition, the doctor, can work with you concerning the diet.Good luck. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.

CALGAL98 Posts: 2,426
2/26/12 11:07 P

Why, specifically, did he put you on THIS diet? Is there a reason other than weight-loss? If he is looking to lower your blood sugar, then I would sure ask him. Bananas are known blood glucose spikers... Lean meats don't some veggies can. See if you can get more info out of him and go from there

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
2/26/12 10:33 P

If he puts you on such a restrictive diet- ask him for a referral to a dietitian to avoid you getting ill guessing.. A dietitian can phone him if they think he is being over agressive and work with you on this issue faster than just guessing on a website..

NEWKAREN43 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,255)
Posts: 2,071
2/26/12 10:25 P

Try, there are a couple of recipe books the readers of Mark's have put out. Search for Grok - this gets you Mark Sisson information. Search for Primal. Search for paleo. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you CAN eat!

I'm eating eggs, spinach and bacon for breakfast. For lunch, pork or chicken and veggies. I have an apple a day and one other fruit. I'm allergic (deathly) to bananas. And for dinner I have HUGE salads with fish, pork, beef or snacks are almonds or mixed nuts.

You CAN do this. Read. All I can say is read, the world it far bigger than what you can see, so read about what you can eat. You will find great success with what you see as really strict right now...

2/26/12 10:17 P

My doctor just put me on a really strict diet and I am finding it difficult to find recipes to fit within the restrictions I have been given. I am not allowed starches, breads, pastas or rice. No sugar, no dairy. I am allowed 3 servings of lean meat a day and 6 servings of vegetables and only two servings of fruit of which on is an apple. No bananas and no peanut butter or products.. Can anyone help mve find recipes that fit within theses restrictions.

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