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No Candy!

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SparkPoints: (40,000)
Fitness Minutes: (23,961)
Posts: 779
11/7/12 4:09 P

WOW ! Great job - I wish I that that kind of control !!

SparkPoints: (259)
Fitness Minutes: (5)
Posts: 8
11/6/12 5:12 P


Posts: 87
11/5/12 10:32 P

Congrats to you guys. It was my goal to stay away from the candy, but I give in. Had two mimi chocolate.... emoticon

SparkPoints: (4,332)
Fitness Minutes: (3,064)
Posts: 23
11/2/12 7:00 A

YAY! I am celebrating the same success. I have also had no Halloween candy, even though it is in the house and at the office. This is huge for me, I love chandy!! I have made a huge realization, if I don't start I don't really miss it. This has given me more motivation to keep moving and staying on track. Once in motion....

Posts: 2,811
11/1/12 9:30 P

That was one of my goals for October: no Halloween candy. Reward: a slice of pumpkin pie for every 2 weeks of no candy! Pumpkin pie is WAY better than any candy!!

SparkPoints: (78,280)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9,005
11/1/12 9:30 P

I have hard candy in our home all the time
One or two pieces usually satisfy
Cannot have chips or ice cream in our home so they are a treat when eat out and portion is really controlled
One day at a time

Posts: 329
11/1/12 7:24 P

I am not proud to say that I am an M&M fanatic. Well, I think that changed right before this Halloween. I ate so much candy. My heart started racing, I could not sleep and I felt like vomiting. I have not had any candy in 4 days, which for me is a miracle. I guess it was worth getting sick. emoticon

I am glad to see that you are getting a handle on your sugar devil. emoticon

Posts: 1,005
11/1/12 2:33 P

That's so awesome! I am still fighting the sugar devil!

SparkPoints: (55,019)
Fitness Minutes: (2,831)
Posts: 921
10/31/12 7:36 P

Congratulations! The time will come when you don't have to resist temptation because the things that are bad for you won't tempt you. A goal we can all work toward.

Posts: 1,361
10/31/12 4:57 P

Congratulations!!! I'm still working on my temptaions!!!

SparkPoints: (2,021)
Fitness Minutes: (3,233)
Posts: 101
10/31/12 4:05 P

thats great. i came on here to say I went in the opposite direction. Gave up food and ate only candy! haha whatever works!

Posts: 1,255
10/31/12 3:48 P

Way to go! emoticon

SparkPoints: (132,897)
Fitness Minutes: (67,973)
Posts: 32,562
10/31/12 3:25 P

You must feel very empowered by your choices. Congrats.

SparkPoints: (6,611)
Fitness Minutes: (7,117)
Posts: 64
10/31/12 12:38 P

Thats so awesome! emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,313)
Fitness Minutes: (808)
Posts: 46
10/31/12 11:19 A

I was able to resist all the halloween candy this year! I am so proud of myself even though
there were plenty of goodies at the office and around friends houses I resisted! Just one more step towards a healthier life! Happy Halloween everyone be safe!


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