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1/27/14 11:26 A

We still have the kids NES, SNES, and now we have two Wii's. We love the old games!

1/27/14 10:27 A

That sounds awesome! Old school nintendo is the best, nothing seems to beat it!

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1/27/14 7:06 A

Anyone steam gameplay? So last week my friend introduced me to a site called Twitch, its a website for the gaming community and you can watch people livestream videogame play and recordings. I am deffinitely a Nintendo girl, mostly retro such as SNES and N64. I did my first livestream last night and it was alot of fun! I'm not expecting alot of people to watch me, but its fun to go live and have people stop by to watch me play! There is one guy I follow, FireDragon764, who is also a retro gamer. I found him by searching Luigis Mansion, he is very entertaining, doesnt swear (which I admire alot because many kids watch streamers) and is just fun! He deff got me interested in streaming myself.
So my game of choice for now is DK2 and I want to get better at Smash Bro's on the Wii U (Finally got the controls down!)

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