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1/19/12 1:55 P

I have my "night time" snacks line up in a ziplock bag. When I come home tonight, I will be prepared for any snacking that I might do. Big hug to all those who left comments. I am stronger and wiser because of the support from the message board.
Thank you

1/18/12 2:33 P

Thanks so much!

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1/18/12 1:09 P

SEZIELASKOWSKI, no, it does not matter when you eat. Unless eating at night causes sleep disturbances or you tend to overeat at night due to fatigue, it's no different than eating at any other time of day. Your body doesn't know whether you're eating before or after the evening news.

1/18/12 1:03 P

Does it matter If you eat at night? I heard that when you do eat past 6-7 it gets stored as fat and you should avoid eating at night is this true?

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1/18/12 12:13 P

I definitely understand wanting to watch cooking shows, I enjoy watching them as well and they make me want to eat! One thing I make sure I do is to have healthy snacks that I know I will enjoy in my pantry, that way if I do snack it will be on healthy food. Or another option is if you are going to eat something "not too healthy" just watch your portion size and try to stay within your calories for the day. Try different healthy snacks until you find something that you really enjoy. Also pre-plan what you will eat when you get home and drink water before you start eating and maybe that will help cut down on the amount of snacking.

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1/18/12 11:58 A

Try eating in an eating window like from 7-midnight. That way you will still be able to eat some of your food and snacks and stuff when you get off work. There is nothing inherently wrong with eating at night. Read Fast 5 by Bert Herring MD for more info.

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1/18/12 11:40 A

Here is an article from our resource area that you might find helpful.

Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?
Cues to Eating and How to Control Them

Coach Tanya

1/17/12 9:30 P

My shift at work has me coming home at 11pm. I mangage do reall good all day. Once I get off work, I want to eat mindless and watch tv until about 1230am. I try to go to bed the same time. I know it's important to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I just seem to want snack more and watch my favorite cooking shows. emoticon

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