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1/2/13 5:24 P

I never thought of it that way.. I will be doing that, then. I like to eat my leftovers. lol

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1/2/13 5:21 P

a snack is just a small meal. instead of having a 400 cal fajita, it's a 100 cal fajita. it's 1/3-1/2 the chicken and veggies you'd have as lunch or dinner. it's an apple with nut butter or granola and yogurt. or cheese and crackers. or fruit and cheese. or a 150 cal portion of chili.

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1/2/13 5:20 P

I start my calorie counting day at 6 pm, and it runs until 6pm the next day. So my "breakfast" is really dinner from the night before, lunch is breakfast, and dinner is lunch. I have found that it helps me keep from over eating, as if I over eat at night then my food is very limited the next day.

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1/2/13 4:59 P

I guess I am just going to have to build a graph, and try to follow it. Since I posted this the other day my sleeping has become erratic. I think it has to do with having to go to work early one day and my wife and son waking me up.. lol I am trying to stick with your snacking suggestion, but I find it so tuff to find things to snack on. I will continue to work on it though. Ty for the reply Nirerin.

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1/1/13 9:43 A

looks like you should be eating your '"breakfast" at sometime around 3pm on days you work. if you have your kid at that time, it could be a snack for the kid and your first meal of the day.
if you want to eat dinner with your family [your lunch], definitely keep your "breakfast" light so that you can have a regular dinnertime meal with them.
i'm a snacker, so i would say have a snack right before or after your nap on workdays [before if you eat really early dinners, on your way to work if you eat closer to 8pm].
then have your dinner on your lunchbreak at work.

as for days that you are on "normal" hours, eat with your family. if you find yourself hungry when they aren't or napping when they eat, plan in a few snacks to take care of it.

i should also mention that when i say snacks, i'm talking mini meals. they should be balanced with protein, fiber, fat and carbs, just in the 100-300 cal range depending on how th rest of your eating schedule looks. things like veggies and hummus or yogurt based dip, yogurt with granola and fruit, small portions of meals are what i am talking about when i say snack, not a 100 cal pack or something like that.

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1/1/13 7:41 A

Hello, I am new to I work night shift and have an odd sleep schedule.
Work: 11pm - 7am Friday-Tuesday
Sleep: 8am - 2pm & (nap) 9pm - 10pm Sat,Mon,Tues.
8am - 9:30am, 1pm - 5:30pm & (nap) 9pm - 10pm Sundays
8am - 10am & 11pm - 9 am Wed
11pm - 9am Thursday
1pm - 4pm Friday

That is my messed up schedule. I work mid-nights and watch my son during my wife's shift and adjust my sleep schedule for Church and for whatever changes her work schedule has. With this wacky schedule does anyone have an idea how to I can schedule my meals and snacks? Please help I am not good at planning.

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