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Nicotine for weight loss?

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Posts: 966
3/11/13 5:20 A

I am trying to improve my health so no, I'll pass on this one.

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Posts: 11
3/10/13 11:45 P

I'd rather not try to control one negative behaviour by picking up an addiction. It may seem like a quick fix, but its generally known that those tend to have negative consequences or cannot be sustained.

Posts: 1,809
3/10/13 12:22 P

What nonsense, that is suppose to be a short term alternative for a person who is struggling with trying to quit smoking. Are you a smoker trying to quit? Try chewing regular sugar free gum as a health alternative for weight loss, it may help just to keep your mouth occupied and mint has a natural effect on the appetite. If you are not a smoker and use nicotine gum I suspect you might end up with a habit or sick.

Eat charcoal it will cleanse you out, curb your appetite, and make you beautiful! ;)

Posts: 861
3/9/13 7:20 P

Anti-smoking advocates highlight the long-term health effects, like cancer and emphysema, that result from a lifetime of smoking or chewing tobacco -- but these maladies are the result of chemicals in cigarettes other than nicotine. Unfortunately, the fact that nicotine alone is an extremely toxic poison often goes unmentioned. Not many people realize that nicotine is also sold commercially in the form of a pesticide! And every year, many children go to the emergency room after eating cigarettes or cigarette butts. Sixty milligrams of nicotine (about the amount in three or four cigarettes if all of the nicotine were absorbed) will kill an adult, but consuming only one cigarette's worth of nicotine is enough to make a toddler severely ill.

from the link below.

Posts: 861
3/9/13 7:12 P

Never heard of such a thing, but when I did smoke ciggs. I noticed I wasn't as hungry but I feel so much healthier now that I quit.> neat link to How stuff works, on how nicotine alone effects our bodies.

Posts: 191
3/9/13 6:37 P

Thanks for the information, didn't realize it was so addictive (I read somewhere it wasn't). I just noticed I got a buzz and didnt want to eat. I was, woot, all that and no cigarettes!

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Posts: 1,415
3/9/13 5:37 P

The gum is highly addictive and expensive. It will curb your appetite and increase bowel movements, but you eventually have to kick the habit and any weight lost due to it will come back, once normal bowel habits resume. I'm not sure if it is carcinogenic, but it will cause canker sores and possible tooth problems. I know I broke three crowns. I eventually quit, have been nicotine free for ten years but that is when my weight problem started.

Many people start smoking again to get off the gum.

It's a dangerous slope.

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Posts: 53
3/9/13 5:35 P

just to clarify, nicotine by itself is not carcinogenic it has very similar effects as caffeine, shown to improve memory and concentration and some studies indicate a preventative effect for alzheimers as well. its not completely horrid, as long as you dont get it through a cigarette (its the combustibles that are carconigenic) if you dont already use nicotine, i certainly dont recommened anyone start just for weight loss, it is HIGHLY addictive. As for the posion comment, yes in large doses its poisonous, as is water, caffeine and pretty much any other substance.

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Posts: 191
3/9/13 5:07 P

Congratulations! And thanks for your wishes for my mom :)

Posts: 884
3/9/13 3:18 P

What's the point?

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Posts: 20,557
3/9/13 2:16 P

no, the stuff is poison....drink as much water as you can for hunger control

Posts: 8,023
3/9/13 12:49 P

Still, though-nicotine is a toxin and probably should be avoided. :)
Good luck to your mom on her quest to quit! I smoked on and off from age 14 to 35. I had my last cigarette on January 3 of this year. IT IS NOT EASY. I still crave.

Posts: 191
3/9/13 12:47 P

Hmm not sure about carcinogenic. I've read gum is not so addictive?

My mom left her pack of gum (she's trying to quit) at my place, and..I thought I'd try it. Read somewhere nicotine speeds up fat metabolism (my mom is shorter than me and eats a lot, yet is less heavy).

Posts: 8,023
3/9/13 12:23 P

Caffeine has the same effect. I would liken nicotine for weightloss to crack for weight loss. Not trying to be funny, but it's highly addictive. Caffeine is slightly addictive, but coffee at least has some nutritional benefits. The best appetite suppressant is water or tea. Why nicotine gum? Isn't nicotine carcinogenic, even without cigarettes?

Posts: 191
3/9/13 12:15 P

Anyone try this? Does it help burn fat? (I'm chewing nicotine gum now, and it helps a little with hunger control).

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