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8/13/14 6:59 A

Yeah, a good exercise program will include several different types of exercise - strength training as well as cardio, and mixing things up to develop a more rounded, overall fitness.


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8/12/14 11:37 P

Thanks everyone! I just didn't understand how these types of exercises were important..and now I have a better understanding of why -- hope I can learn how soon!

Thanks again!

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8/12/14 8:32 P

Resistance bands are strength training.

And like most ST, it doesn't burn a whole lot of calories directly in the way that cardio does. Rather the benefits are indirect - ST boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day (even on rest days), not just when you are working out. Also, without ST, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle, rather than fat. As muscle burns calories even at rest, over time this lost muscle will hurt your longer term weight loss efforts. ST helps maintain your existing muscle, and ensures that more of your weight loss comes from fat alone.

There is a button beneath the video for you to track the effort that goes into them.

I think Coach Nicole has a range of resistance band videos, including lower body ones. One of the great benefits of resistance bands is their versatility, and that they can provide resistance in a number of directions, not just down in the direction of gravity. I use them in particular to train my hamstrings (back of thighs), which are difficult to train without equipment.


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8/12/14 7:11 P

Yes, the exercises with the bands are strength training and do burn calories. I like doing bands to keep my arms toned and looking better in tank tops. It really does help.

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8/12/14 3:16 P

Do these exercises burn calories? Yes, all activities burn calories.

If they do, how do you account for them? You can find all of Coach Nicole's DVD and online workouts posted in the fitness section.

Why do I want to do these exercises? Do they target certain areas, or just all arms?

If you've never done any kind of strength training and don't know where to start, Coach Nicole's resistance band workouts are good beginner routines that will teach you some basics. They are basic routines with different exercises for different muscle groups. Ideally, once you are more comfortable doing strength training exercises, you would do a full body routine that incorporated exercises for your entire body and not just parts.

The short routines are a good way to learn the basics without getting overwhelmed.

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8/12/14 1:12 P

To answer your first two questions: they burn calories the same way all strength training exercises burn calores: indirectly. ST creates micro-tears in your muscles that your body uses energy to repair over the course of about 2 days. So it's very difficult to measure directly. I track ST exercise by keeping track of the weight I use and how many reps I do.

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8/12/14 1:01 P

Do these exercises burn calories?

If they do, how do you account for them?

Why do I want to do these exercises? Do they target certain areas, or just all arms?

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