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COLOR-BLUE Posts: 11,841
6/30/13 9:30 P


Thank you so much for the tips!!! I didn't know any of those things. I really didn't think I was having 5 servings of bread, as it was a mini loaf!!!

Thank you so much for helping me out, I will definitely remember this!!!

God bless you,

- Nancy Jean -

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
6/30/13 8:50 P

one thing you may want to try focusing on is portion sizes of different foods. a serving of bread should be an ounce. a serving of cheese is an ounce. most fruits and veggies are in the 3-5oz range per serving. meats are 3-4 oz. so if you make note of things like this you can remember and have one serving of bread instead of five and that will help you keep in range for your calories.

COLOR-BLUE Posts: 11,841
6/30/13 8:42 P

I went to a meeting at 4 PM today, to pray about helping to organize a women's only retreat. Well, I knew that I had to be careful what I ate, as everybody was bring some kind of snack. I took a veggie tray and a fruit tray that I picked up at Kroger. I even took my food scale with me, so I could weigh everything. I wrote down how many pieces I had, plus the grams and the ounces, as I wasn't sure how it would be listed on sparkpeople and MFP. I weighed everything I ate, which wasn't much. The other ladies asked me why I weighing my food. They asked if it was because I was diabetic or was it just a weight issue. I told them I was in the process of losing weight and I wanted to be very careful.

This is what I ate:

8.5 grams of celery which was 1 calorie
.75 serving of Kroger Country Club Multi Grain Cracker which was 105 calories
2 long baby carrots which was 10 calories
5 oz. of cherry tomatoes which was 47 calories

Now remember, I had no way of telling how many calories were in whatever I ate until I came home and logged it into my diary.

4 oz. pepper jack cheese which was 440 calories
5 oz. of zucchini bread which was 458 calories

Because of these last two ticket items, I went over on my calories!!! It just goes to show me that even though I thought I was eating the right things, there are some snakes in the grass!!!

I will definitely be better prepared next time!!!

God bless all of you,

- Nancy Jean -

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