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BRIENNE00 Posts: 6
1/16/09 8:27 P

Hi, I'm new this week and also getting married in october (the 24th) I have the same goal as you... i have my meeting with my caterer on sunday! eek! but this is a great program, just by paying attention to my calories (i was already going to the gym 4 days a week) i've dropped 4lbs! i don't weigh in till monday so we'll see then... but i still can't help getting on the scale every morning =) keep it up and you will be looking awesome in that dress girl! good luck!

VONHUDSON Posts: 145
1/10/09 3:25 P

I love Halloween, plus the place was available. We're going cute Halloween, pumpkins and candy corn, not skulls and ghosts and stuff. Kids can dress up too if they want

STEPHANIES321 Posts: 50
1/7/09 11:30 P

Ohh Halloween brides. I thought about that but mom wasn't digging the idea.

VONHUDSON Posts: 145
1/7/09 11:21 P

Hey, I'm getting married on October 31 too! I should be a fun Halloween wedding.
I want to lose about 20 pounds before my wedding.
I bought Turbo Jam dvds. I love it and it's good exercise.

LYNNINCO Posts: 206
1/6/09 3:38 P

I think a lot of it is more about looking at things. I have a little bit of a deal I make, my friends and I go together. A couple of them are trying to lose weight as well. So instead of each of us taking one. We take one all together. We each take a small bite and try it out. Then it is a little bit bad but hey we also keep track of what we are having and subtract the walking we are doing and we also park as far away from the entrance as we can. Kind of sucks on the walk out.....specially the big bridal shows, but ya know it is great and fun!

KRISTENANN24 Posts: 240
1/5/09 8:50 P

Good luck!! :)

JMCNAMARA103109 Posts: 4
1/5/09 5:32 P

Hi everyone!

I'm new to and today is day one of my diet. I joined yesterday after reading about it in people magazine. I'm getting married in 10 months and I'm trying to loose 25 pounds for the wedding! Wedding planning is stressful enough and makes me want to eat, but the bridal shows are the worst. Cake, fudge, cupcakes, petit fours!!

Anyone out there feel the same?

Email me or add me. if i can figure out the those functions emoticon

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