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11/5/10 12:46 P

There is a conversion calculator in the nutrition and recipe sections that you can use to do the conversion for you. Here's a direct link to the one on the nutrition tracker (add a food) page:

Coach Denise

11/5/10 11:56 A

My scale does ounces only-guess it is time to figure out the conversions...what a pain in the tush!

Otherwise, thank you for response!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,289
11/5/10 9:33 A

Being newly diagnosed as insulin resistant, your doctor should be able to give you suggestions on what you should be aiming for in regards to your diet OR refer you to a dietitian. That is not something we can tell you because it doesn't fall under general guidelines and we don't know your health history. However, you may want to try posting your question in the Diet and Nutrition message board forum where our site dietitian may see it and be able to offer some helpful tips and info.

As for your question about serving sizes, if it doesn't specify the serving size, then you would need to divide the entire meal into equal servings the best you can for as many servings the recipe says. So if a casserole dish says it serves 8, you would divide it up into 8 servings and base it off of that. If it lists ounces or grams, then you would need a food scale to be able to weigh those out.

Coach Denise

11/4/10 6:42 P

I was having a really hard time figuring out how to eat healthier BEFORE being diagnosed...Now, I have NO idea what I need to eat and currently eating way too many calories but still feeling hungry...

I am not a great cook, I am not even a good cook and we are on a $75 a week food budget for a family of 3-8 husband has 5 boys that visit...I don't know what to do and that makes it hard to stay on my new living plan...the meal plans here are too much! Too much cooking and meals that my family will not eat. We are spaghetti and meatballs or meatloaf and mashed potatoes or tacos or enchiladas or nachos with lost of meat and cheese or taco salads with little lettuce but it is Romaine...

I am trying to cut out meats on two nights a weeks...I am just truly lost and would really like a user friendly meal plan that I can understand and use...

I hope this makes sense...I am about to just stop eating all together but I know that is not then I say to heck with it and eat whatever I want...but I don't want to get sicker than I already am.

I am pleading for help please.

Oh, also...trying to make a casserole and/or a soup and not knowing how much of it I should eat and how many calories is in it is also a big bother...all of these servings are different...what is a serving when it does not say what a serving is??? Oz cups Grams I don't know how to measure these things!! well cups I get, but not the rest!

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