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2/17/12 10:59 A


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2/17/12 9:41 A

Maybe try changing up your workout routine. I was at a stand still too until I altered my workouts. I walk on a treadmill on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday and strength train on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. After one week of this I started shedding weight again. Good luck!!!

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2/17/12 8:53 A

Thank you, really motivated me!

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2/16/12 9:25 A

Welcome to SP

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2/16/12 6:25 A

Welcome. I am not sure about the band, but I can say don't give up. Sometimes we do things and do not get the results we seek. That does not mean to give up. It means to try harder, a different approach, or be more patient! Good luck and hold strong.

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2/16/12 5:19 A

Hi everyone my name is Melissa and I'm new to this website, Im not sure if anyone will be able to help me but I have had a gastric band dnoe privately in summer 2011. I need my band tightened which means i cant eat as much food as I can now but my aftercare won't give me another adjustment for about a month :( I am constantly hungry and have not lost weight for 5 weeks although 4 of those weeks I havent ate anything that i shouldnt have, I mean all I eat is protein, vegetables and fruit. This past week or so I have been snacking and I admit that but I really am fed up of dieting now after a few months and nothing seems to be happening weight wise. I also have a personal trainer and workout 5x a week and really trying. I just wonder if this happens to anyone else too? not just band patients?

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