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Here, there was a link in this forum for this diet already:

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Hi, my name is Penny. Iím a newbie to the 17 Day Diet. I started on June 4-2012.
Start weight = 261 lbs
First weigh in = - 6.4 lbs (day 8)
Second in = -3 lbs (day 11)
In 10 days Iím down 9.4 lbs WOOHOO! Really! Yes, OMG! Really!!! 

Today is day 12; Iíll weigh again on Sunday 6-17-2012.

My NSVís (None scale victories)

Iíve been on plan 100 %. & itís been great!
I really like this plan and foods. Yes, it takes a lot more time for food preparation and the cost of healthy food is sometimes shocking. At this point in my life, I refuse to let time or $ get in the way of my success.
I have discovered a lot of GREAT new recipes & Iím enjoying cooking again.
Iíve not been hungry.
Iím actually not missing my coffee and evening wine. This for me is huge! Iím a BIG coffee drinker and I used to say ďThereís no better way to end a work day then with a glass or two of chardonnay.
I was down to 2 pair of jeans that I could wear. (Refused to buy a larger size) today I have 5 pair of jeans I can fit into. (2 a little tight) but d@mn it! I can get them on; sipped & buttoned.

Until my next post; I wish you all GREAT success! OnWard and DownWards,

PennySmiles emoticon

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