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DIVA711 Posts: 319
7/1/13 10:51 A

Congratulations on your loss so far and getting started! Sparkpeople is a wonderful tool with tons of resources and people to support you in your goals. Check out some of the articles, Spark Teams that may interest you, and articles. I love the food and nutrition tracker. emoticon emoticon

SHINSHU Posts: 506
7/1/13 10:45 A

Thanks AMEZ74! Living abroad is bittersweet for me; I love the adventure but really miss family and the comforts of home. Gonna use this opportunity to form some good habits to carry back to the States when I move back home. :)

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7/1/13 9:50 A

Jeanne, Great job on your loss so far!! That's very neat that you get to travel and live in different countries!!! Best of luck!

SHINSHU Posts: 506
7/1/13 9:41 A

Thanks for the encouragement, Perfectvelvet! I'm already noticing a difference in just educating myself on fitness, and keeping myself accountable.

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7/1/13 9:29 A

emoticon emoticon

Hi, Jeanne, welcome to Spark! You've definitely picked the right place to come to help you reach those goals. Use the trackers and be diligent in your tracking; it really makes a difference! Good work on your weight loss so far! You've got this!

SHINSHU Posts: 506
7/1/13 9:10 A

Hi Spark People!

My name's Jeanne and I'm currently working at a university in Seoul, South Korea. I'm originally from Missouri, USA, and love traveling back home 1-2 a year to see family and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. With this new job abroad, I am hoping it is the perfect chance to shed the pounds I have gained through college, and working in the States. I have worked in Japan before, but instead of losing weight there my weight stagnated, and upon returning to the US I got up to my highest weight ever. It was such a downer!

Since moving to Korea in March I have lost 10 pounds just from taking public transit and eating more Korean food, which includes a lot of veggies and meat. Hopefully with the help of Spark People I'll be able to get on my way to losing 50 more pounds. :)

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