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1/22/12 9:28 A

Hi Neicey, I know how you feel, I'm an only child, lost my dad to a massive heart attack when I was 30, (I was daddy little girl) after his death I learned to get closer to my mom and she lived for 16 years after his death, the last 7 with breast cancer, mastectomy and all that comes with it. When she past in X-Mas Eve 1996, even though I had my very supportive family, hubby, 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren I felt left alone and as you said an Orphan.
I'm proud of you for going in this journey for your mom because she wanted you to loose weight, however, you need to do it for yourself, your health and your well being. You are not alone, there is thousands of us trying to win the same battle. You are now in the SP family and if you seek our help we are here with you. You will make your mom proud and you will regain a healthier way to life. Keep in touch to see you accomplish your goal. Isa

1/22/12 9:00 A

Hi my name is Neicey I'm a bit nervous about starting this but I think I'm ready. My first thing is i feel like I'm going threw this along. The only best friend i had is gone my Mother.
it's like I'm an orphan. But I'm looking to making my late mother proud of me cause she always tried to get me to lose weight but i never thought twice about it. Now i hope i can do this time for my health with the help of SP.

1/22/12 3:10 A

Hello, and Welcome to SparkPeople. We are glad you've joined us on the AMAZING journey to better health and fitness. BEST WISHES in reaching all of your goals.


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1/22/12 2:52 A

Thanks for the support, tips and link - I really appreciate

My flatmate and I bought a smoothie blender last week, the green recipe could not be more welcome (Thanks Karen).

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1/21/12 8:55 A

Welcome Thanks for introducing yourself. No matter where you are starting you made the largest step possible towards the direction of health. Congratulations! I hope you are sick & tired of being sick and tired enough to look at the food, or should I say: phood! choices that you've made that have made you feel this way. Possibly the best thing that you can do for yourself is to switch your diet over to a plant-based eating program. Eating as many vegies and fruits in their natural state is the best ticket for health, natural weight loss/management, and well-being. Drinking green smoothies daily is a great way to start doing this. There are links in my signature area that will help you learn about not only a plant-based healthy eating program but also green smoothies. Visit the links and take a look at my teams. You won't regret the visits.

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1/21/12 8:50 A

emoticon Welcome to SP and good luck in your program!

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1/21/12 8:42 A

Hi emoticon and congratulations on beginning your Spark journey!

There's so much here to help you along the way and excellent advice to setting and achieving healthy goals. With the thousands and thousands of fellow Sparkers you will always find someone you can connect with. I am always amazed how many lives have been changed for the better through the use of SparkPeople.

If you have not already done so, I suggest that you check out the videos in the "Healthy Lifestyle" section. Scroll down for the site orientation videos.

That should point you in the right direction. I find that if you just start looking around Spark, you will quickly learn about the wonderful tools available for your use. After being a Sparker since 2007, I still find something new and very useful.

Welcome and best wishes!
emoticon emoticon

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1/21/12 5:29 A

Hello Everyone,

I am new (at least this is how I see it). I signed up month ago but did not manage to stay on track.

I would like to loose 15kg (33 pounds?).
The biggest challenges for me is to stay focus on it.

I have pretty complicated life: I am a french expat in Denmark. I am trying to survive (financially) as a student, learning a new languages so I can finally get the life saving job I need!

Weigh is a growing issue. I used to exercise in a fitness center but I stop as I could not afford it anymore -or should I say- spending money on it make me fell guilty .

I though I could exercise on my own outside. Well I was a MISTAKE. And I am paying it BIG TIME. To add up, when I am stress I eat. And trust me life is stressful.

The result is dreadful.


I decided to make weigh-loose a priority. Somehow, I feel better just by taking that decision - feel like if I can fix that problem in my life - I could fix others.

I am sharing all that with you as I think I am going to need help. Now that I took the decision, I will work on it but I CAN'T AFFORD TO FAILED IT.


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