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8/8/13 4:58 A

Got into the chiropractor on Tuesday and I have to say I am a whole new woman! It's so NICE to be able to stand for 5 minutes without pain. This is going to do wonders for my workout!

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8/3/13 5:28 A

A chiropractor or physiotherapist should be able to help.

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8/3/13 4:50 A


Thanks for replying. I don't currently have a doctor so that's the next step on the list. My OB didn't seem to take me seriously (maybe thought I was playing it up?) but the numbness is a new thing so I'll be looking for a family practitioner (once I am not so busy, haha! Full time job, Full time student and I have a 6 month old... Yikes!) I just didn't know if anyone else had maybe had this issue before.

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8/3/13 4:46 A

IMO this is one of those questions where it would be irresponsible for any of us who are not medical professionals to even attempt to answer. Your doctor is the first place to start-- if he/she can't diagnose the problem (sciatica, a problem with a disc, etc) then a referral to a specialist is in order.

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8/3/13 4:16 A

Hello everyone,

Fitness newbie here (working a 10+ hour a day desk job) and I have a bit of back story (no pun intended) and a question.

I had my first baby 6 months ago. From the 2nd month of pregnancy on I struggled with what I thought was sciatica, however in spite of everything I was told, this did not go away after the baby was born (all 5 lbs of her!). Currently if I stand for any amount of time or try to exercise I feel nerve pain in my right hip that causes the outside of my right foot to go numb. Consequently I do not exercise and I go from sitting all day at my desk to sitting all day at home and I know that's not healthy.

My question is this: Is it safe for me to try and exercise and "walk it off" or is this something that sounds more serious? I have considered seeing a chiropractor to see if this may be a disc issue or if I'm just being a wimp but I don't know if that is the best option.

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