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Have you explored the SparkTeams yet? I'm sure there are groups for people who are parents or expecting or still at the conception stage. You should take a look, I'm sure it would be helpful to find people who are or have been in the same situation you are!
Also, finding someone locally that you can use as a motivation buddy (whether it's your husband or a friend who also wants to lose weight) can also help a lot. You can plan walking dates and make healthy meals together. Seriously, as awesome as this site is, having a workout buddy has been the biggest factor in my success in getting in shape. Sometimes you're just not feeling motivated to do it for you and it helps to feel obligated for someone else!
Remember that this is a life change, not just a temporary fix...and those can take time. Have a goal to lose 2lbs a week but don't be disappointed if you lose 1lb a week. Whatever your goal day is for losing 20lbs, give yourself a few extra weeks beyond that date to actually get there. Hormones, water retention caused by lots of different factors (exercise, high salt foods, hormones), and life stresses can slow down your progress. Don't let it throw you off track! If you "mess up" and eat more than you planned to at a given meal or during a given day forgive yourself and start fresh at the very next meal, don't stress over it or feel like you have to punish yourself by skipping a meal or exercising harder, just go back to your healthy routine and remember that you're in this for life, not just a quick result.

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2.8 pounds in 9 days is a GREAT start. Losing the weight more slowly - the healthy way - might be frustrating at times, but the benefit is that you are more likely to KEEP it off, which is extra important if you plan on getting pregnant and having a child. Just remember that you are doing it for yourself and for your family, and take one day at a time! Good luck to you!

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Today is day 9 of my journey to lose 20 pounds before I conceive a child. So far I'm down 2.8 pounds. My husband and I are trying and the idea of conceiving at my current weight literally scares me! I am hopeful that the 20 pounds will give the momentum to take off the100 pounds I really need to lose. I am following weight watchers as my ob/gyn did recommend drastically reducing my calories (to like 1100 cals.) But that means the weight will come off more slowly. I know my expectations of weight loss should be moderate and I should be happy with 2.8 pounds....but it just seems like so much work for so little return. I guess I'm just venting.....I see all the posts some lost 4 pounds and some are already up tp 30. They are very inspiring and reminds me.."A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step" Good luck to all!!

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