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12/30/13 6:52 P

I'm finding it really hard to be accurate and be able to do it daily on the computer. I like your idea of the "cute" journal. I might just try that. I could keep it with me in my purse and add as I consume!! Thanks for the idea :) And good luck to you too!!

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12/30/13 6:48 P

I like to use the Food Tracker b/c I can track my food and add little notes at the bottom. I prefer anything online - less paper to keep track of... Good luck!!

12/30/13 12:46 P

Hello spark people friends. I am not 100% new to SP but I am not around much. With the new year coming, I thought I would check out SP again to see if I can get more motivation. I also have check out the WW boards again. I was a WW and got to goal. However, I have gained 65 of the 75 I had lost. I recently went to a nutritionist and she was amazing. I learned so much from her. I lost 4 lbs in one month but 3.7 of it was BODY FAT. That is EXCITING. I have tried online tracking here and using apps on my phone but it doesn't stick with me. I am much better at writing stuff down in a journal. It is more accountable for me and I actually see it. So I bought a cute journal and have done great these past 3 days. I only write down the foods and drinks that I consume. And what I do for exercise. There are no point values! My nutritionist said that 85% of weight loss is through what we eat. The other is form exercise.

How do you journal?

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