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NWILDES Posts: 1,233
7/17/13 9:31 P

I like the smartphone app the best for tracking. The site is too slow.

BUT, I must track or I start slowly gaining the weight back. I've lost weight and when I see that I'm inching back up, I get back to tracking. I've gotten good at losing, but I'm still figuring out the maintenance part.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (555,711)
Fitness Minutes: (342,527)
Posts: 15,602
7/17/13 9:21 P

I track food on my own. The old fashioned way (LOL). I write it down.

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
Fitness Minutes: (11,594)
Posts: 490
7/17/13 3:01 P

I will keep to the old way of tracking. It sounds too much like WW, which I ditched because I was losing too slowly (maybe a pound a month). It was too tempting to eat all of the activity points, and when I did, I did not lose weight. SP has been working much more consistently for me, and I'm going to keep using the old tracker. I'm glad it's not mandatory to switch.

7/17/13 2:40 P

I did not try for not able to change it back. One thing that I liked in Sparkpeople is that I does not encourage fad diets. If you want to lose weight and eat only 1000 calories... not the correct decision for sparklers. emoticon

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TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
7/17/13 12:51 P

These were all my concerns, too. I read the article Spark put out but I didn't want to create a whole new page nor did I want to lose the option of going back if it didn't work, so thanks Coach Jen and SparkPeople in general for listening and giving us the chance to try it but go back if we don't like it. You guys really are great!!

KOMTRIA Posts: 1,063
7/14/13 5:06 P

I didn't want to change to the new system because of not being able to change back and I have stopped working out because I am recuperating from pneumonia. May change once it is announced that we can go back to the old tracker.

MEBAZI SparkPoints: (22,543)
Fitness Minutes: (2,918)
Posts: 351
7/14/13 4:58 P

Ooooh, so you cannot change the fact that the fitness is connected to the calorie tracking....yeah, dislike.

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IHEIDIBEFITT SparkPoints: (3,454)
Fitness Minutes: (3,572)
Posts: 562
7/14/13 4:21 P

That's wonderful...I might would try it if I could change back.

KIM22211 SparkPoints: (123,954)
Fitness Minutes: (95,818)
Posts: 7,143
7/13/13 5:06 A

I have not tried it because once you do it you are stuck with it....for now. They are making changes though

ROXYCARIN SparkPoints: (95,965)
Fitness Minutes: (82,553)
Posts: 3,996
7/13/13 3:54 A

Liked the old tracker

TCANNO SparkPoints: (337,876)
Fitness Minutes: (199,089)
Posts: 66,245
7/13/13 3:48 A

Thanks Coach Jen. It will be nice to try it and change if you don't like it.

GMEISSNE1 Posts: 122
7/12/13 10:45 P

so glad i stopped by the cafe! I hadnt even seen that there was a change! Thanks!

RPS031764 SparkPoints: (176,408)
Fitness Minutes: (197,857)
Posts: 1,252
7/12/13 7:18 P


JIACOLO SparkPoints: (539,535)
Fitness Minutes: (219,545)
Posts: 29,439
7/12/13 7:01 P

I miss being able to see the exercise demos. If they are still there, I haven't figured it out yet.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,451
7/12/13 6:36 P

Hi everyone

I wanted to give you an update that our staff is listening to your concerns and feedback. We are currently working on changes to make this new feature OPTIONAL for all current and future members. With this change (coming soon), ALL members will have the option to turn this feature on or off at any time! Stay tuned. We will update everyone as soon as that goes into effect.


Coach Jen

LUV2SURFCHIC Posts: 2,507
7/12/13 10:05 A

i haven't changed because I'm not tracking that closely anyways.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
7/12/13 9:58 A

I have never tracked food on spark (sorry), I do it elsewhere. But I might possibly try the new system at some point.

I am not a fan at all of the concept of "net calories" ... e.g., adding activity/exercise calories to a basic allowance and having the whole thing fluctuate from day to day. I think there is a huge room for error in that idea, chief of those is that burn rates are really, IMO, next to impossible to compute accurately for every person, although Fitbit (IMO lol) gets close.

But that is the way all the modern devices and online trackers and plans are working these days so spark is right, IMO, to get with it.

It'd be nice if they offered their "classic" tracker to new members as an option but I sort of imagine that would be pretty chaotic and hard for them to handle and market.

I do track my food and use a net calorie tracker but I set my desired daily average (I calorie cycle, so it is always different) at where I know I need to be to maintain my weight and for the most part I ignore the extra exercise calories. I like to log them and see them but I know they are at best a guestimate.

It is good spark is grandfathering in the extant members so they have an option.

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IHEIDIBEFITT SparkPoints: (3,454)
Fitness Minutes: (3,572)
Posts: 562
7/12/13 9:19 A

I'm happy with what I'm used to. No point in changing it up now...I lost a good amount of weight doing it and so have many other people.

My only thing is not every one has a HRM or something that tracks their calories if you're exercising and go to find an exercise from the list, you'll most likely get an inaccurate number. Right?

I haven't tracked calories burned this week, did 30 minutes of exercise since Monday and stayed within 1200 - 1500 calories, I lost almost 2 lbs since. I'm not messing with's working so far for me.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
7/12/13 7:31 A

I have always used a different tracking system - my BODYMEDIA has a great food tracking system that is easy to sync with Sparkpeople.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (337,876)
Fitness Minutes: (199,089)
Posts: 66,245
7/12/13 6:09 A

Having read the article I think I will stay where I am. I plan meal at the start of the day or the night before so I know what I am doing. I really don't want things changing after I have planned my day.

If I get the red waring massage late in the week I can change my calories to suit so that I do the best with the time I have.

I will keep my eye on this post as it may turn out to be for the better

DWROBERGE Posts: 349,691
7/12/13 3:27 A


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/12/13 1:15 A

I am going to love it. I never even used the old tracker - seemed no point to it since I had to guess at my "typical weekly activity" and i just don't exercise on any sort of regular schedule. Now I will use it. I don't know if i'll follow the increased ranges or just be happy with the bonus calorie deficit.

What I am slightly concerned about is how exercise seems to be being double-counted right now. I'm sure whatever is wrong will be sorted out soon, but in the interim, it does seem to be doing a few odd things. Like, it raised my range even when i had no exercise input. I figured out it was basing my range on something I'd once entered in the fitness tracker about " how many times do you plan do do cardio each week" ... once i removed that (made it 1 time/week for 1 minute), my range went back to normal. I then added my walk, and it raised my range slightly, appropriate to the exercise I did.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
7/11/13 11:38 P

This is one of those "can't win for losin'" situations. People have been begging for this change for years, and it's the way most of SparkPeople's competitors do it. Some people are going to love it and some are going to hate it. One big advantage is that it does encourage people to exercise more.

And either method will work. I lost most of my weight with a different website that did it like the new SP tracker, and I've maintained the loss here, and the fact is that they both work. People will always like what they started with, so I'm really glad they're leaving the old one in place.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
7/11/13 8:11 P

I agree, the old tracker is much better and user friendly

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,490
7/11/13 7:39 P

After reading some of the comments I decided that I'm going to stay with the old system.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,959)
Fitness Minutes: (121,349)
Posts: 14,782
7/11/13 1:54 P

for existing members, I think Spark did a good job in the article of pointing out the pros and cons.

I've actually kind of wanted this because I often get the red message when I'm logging in my exercise late in the week. Lots of times by Thur or Fri I'm over my planned exercise minutes. Then there are weeks where it seems to be all I can do to get in a couple of hours (which is why I don't change my settings).

to me, the BIG downside is that once I change to the new tracking system, I cannot change back if I don't like it. So for now...I'll just do what I know

IHEIDIBEFITT SparkPoints: (3,454)
Fitness Minutes: (3,572)
Posts: 562
7/11/13 10:51 A

Read the above if you aren't sure of what I'm talking about.

I created a test said in order to lose the 27.6 lbs I need to lose, with no exercise, I need to eat 1200 to 1550 calories. Um, I eat that now to lose weight and I ate that two years ago when I lost 40 lbs. With no exercise I always stayed on the lower end of my calories, with exercise I was able to eat on the higher end of my calories or slightly over and not worry. I'm not switching over but for me the change wouldn't really worry me since I could easily see the number of calories I ate and stay within that range, whether my tracker was saying I could eat more...I doubt I would eat more even though it says I can. But for new people, that's scarey! I don't know if I could have lost weight my first go around with this new tracker.

Also for those that switch, you could always just create your own exercise and enter it without putting in the calories..put it in the description. But the new people, they probably woudln't think to do that.

Another thing, most people do not use a HRM. So if they're going in to track their minutes and just guess, just going by how many minutes, their calories could be way off. And then there are people that don't plan their exercise ahead or even their food. If I decide to exercise and don't add it until the end of the day, I might not have ate enough. Or if I add in my exercise but in the end don't work out, I might have ate too much!

Like I said, I lost 40 lbs previously with how the tracker has always been. Is this really going to help those that are just starting out and know nothing? I don't know if I would have lost weight if this was required at signup...I'm just glad I'm an existing member.

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