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8/3/13 1:53 P

Hi and welcome to Spark People! It's great to have you here!! Jump right in and make yourself at home!! Remember to take it one day at a time and that you can do this!

EFFIEANNIE Posts: 3,992
8/3/13 8:01 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Welcome, Sounds like you have come back to the right place. Tracking my food is the most important thing for me. Join teams and get active on the site helps.Good luck to you.

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8/3/13 1:15 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon WELCOME TO SPARK!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congrats on taking the first step into changing your life to a more healthier one by joining the site. Spark is filled with amazing people that will motivate, support and encourage you on your journey. There is so much to learn and discover here, take this one day at a time.

A couple of things I would like to suggestion to make you Spark experience a great one.

1. Put together your own Spark page. This is a great way to communicate with other members and build relationships that will support and motivate you. You can do this by going to the START page and the green section has something about your Sparkpage.

2. Make goals for yourself. Each month I make a list of what I want to accomplish that month and break them down to smaller goals to work with week by week. This way the BIG picture doesn't seem so big.

3. Join Spark teams. There are tons of teams here and you will be able to find ones that fit to what you like or want in a team.

The key to success here is to be active and you've already started by joining. You will find that everyone is willing to help you out if you need it. Spark friends are here for support, motivation and encouragement. Good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Again, welcome to the SP family!
*~ Paula *~
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
8/2/13 11:05 P

Hi Patti !

Welcome ! Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats on the 10 lbs lost, and on finding a physical activity you like !

I hope you find the resources you need on Spark. I did a quick search and found a team called "Fibromyalgia and Exercise" -

Perhaps this would be a great place to start.

I wish you success at the end of your journey. You can turn it all around !

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/2/13 10:03 P

emoticon Welcome to SparkPeople! emoticon

You took a great first step towards a healthy lifestyle by joining SparkPeople! This is a wonderful site filled with a lot of informative articles on fitness, nutrition, well-being & motivation and tons more topics. Not to mention all the great tools such as the nutrition tracker and fitness tracker.
Check out the SparkTeams to meet others with similar goals and interests.
SparkPeople is full of friendly and supportive people! emoticon

On your main page there's a drop down menu called "Site Guide" - check out the Getting Started Guide. There's also Site Tours and FAQs.

"SMALL changes can make a BIG difference!"

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/2/13 7:34 P

welcome patti ,My name is mary . I just started today also . and I am your age . Well I wish you all the best as you progress with your healthy lifestyle

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8/2/13 7:02 P


My name is Patti. I am 56 and I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have known for some time that I need to try to get to a healthier weight, but have not been able to make myself be consistent about the effort. Hearing my doctor tell me that i have this "debilitating" condition was difficult. It also helped to know that all I have been feeling is not "just in my head." There really is something going on that makes me feel this way.

I initially checked out SparkPeople in March of 2011. Obviously, I am not a fast-mover! In that time, my weight has gone down about 10 pounds. Some of that is due to a small change in my activity level, but mostly due to less of an appetite. Pain is a strange thing to carry with you constantly. Some days I seem to only want to eat and others the idea of any food is too much to consider.

I have had a number of surgeries in the past 26 years from 2 c-sections, then a complete hysterectomy (after which I gained about 60 pounds in a very short time) and then most recently 2 hernia repairs. It became apparent recently that the pain I was feeling on a daily basis was impacting virtually every aspect of my life. I no longer have a physical desire for my husband of nearly 36 years. i can't imagine why he would want to be intimate with the body I have allowed to develop. His health also compounds the issue, but what used to be an extremely important part of our life together has become a thing of the past. He still loves me and I know I love him, but the physical love is not an expression between us any more. Nothing like really telling total strangers everything is there? Maybe this is easier because I could never tell that to a friend who knows both my husband and me.

Anyway, that is my start on this journey. I have been doing water therapy for the past couple of weeks and that seems to be something that I can tolerate well and enjoy. I would welcome any comments from those of you who have been where I am. I am hoping the accountability of commenting on this site will help me stay the course and do what I am able to reduce my weight and help my body to be as healthy as possible.

Thanks for "listening"!

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