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1/25/13 8:42 A

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself, and also tell you what i am looking for.
I will begin on Monday, have to get things together.
I need to check in on the scale every week, i need to be accountable to someone other than myself... ( in other words i need to be watched) that is what will help me if i no that others beside myself will be seeing my weight login i really need that accountability..

Also have had a car accident and have not been able to do any fitness works outs which cause the weight gain ....i have to find a way to do something that will help me at the same time not cause dmg..

Also there is a medical reason i can not eat veggies of any type.... I do drink wheat grass 2oz every other day and take love peas protein powder . (I have been told i dont eat enough).to help with that . I have been this way nice 18yrs of age I am not 53.. i am hardly ever sick and can run a 20 yrs old in the ground when it comes to doing things . I stay very busy..i am very active ( until accident in Nov still in therapy) So i am looking for a team that can help with my food intake and keep me honest and Magyar or the scale... So if you are that group pls contact me and help me begin on Monday.....

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