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8/2/12 12:06 P

I definitely agree with KFWohlford on this - although I lost over 110 lbs on Jenny Craig (yeah I was one of 3 or 4 guys in that whole center I went to), it was VERY expensive and sometimes there were things purchased that were unnecessary.

I'm certainly no advocate of prepackaged / frozen meals in a box, but nutritionally if you're going for something similar to Jenny Craig then you can do a lot better (budget-wise) with Lean Cuisine and Healthy choice meals. Still, salt content is quite high in all of those, including the Jenny Craig meals... and there are other preservatives, chemicals, etc.

The best thing, whenever possible, is to buy whole, fresh foods and prepare things by hand. Ice-glazed, flash-frozen chicken can be quite cheap at times, and many fruits and veggies are just fine if canned or frozen as well. Just be careful to read labels and avoid things with preservatives and chemicals. Many fruits and veggies are available cheaply at farmer's markets and co-ops.

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8/2/12 11:53 A

Okay, let me start by saying this:

If you're trying to lose weight on a budget, DON'T buy any kind of prepackaged diet foods (such as Jenny Craig, Medifast, South Beach bars, etc) or products marketed as "weight loss supplements"... but DO invest in a cheap gym membership (such as the YMCA or Planet Fitness) or a good pair of running shoes if you prefer to exercise outdoors.

DO spend more time preparing your meals, buy less pre-prepared and processed foods, buy plenty of fruits and veggies.

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8/2/12 4:53 A

I always describe Spark to people as much more than a food and fitness tracker - there are tons of those online. What makes Spark unique is the focus on baby steps (fast break goals) and the use of streaks to achieve success.

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8/1/12 10:47 P

Thank you everyone I really appreciate it. :)

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8/1/12 8:44 A

You made it here to Spark, and it's a great place!!! Start with the tutorials and the fast break section, and then just dive in and learn as you go. Remember---this is a journey, one you'll be on for the rest of your life. It'll have twists and turns and maybe even some backtracking....but as long as you stay on the road and don't give up you'll get there exactly when you're supposed to.

I would suggest focusing on learning the food tracker first. Don't worry about improving what you eat for right now, just track everything that goes in your mouth for at least a few weeks. That will give you a good baseline to start making small changes to bring yourself within as many of your ranges as you can, every day. Don't strive for perfection, just progress.

There are lots of ways to exercise that require little or no equipment, and a number of videos and resources here on spark to give you ideas. How about going for a walk today? All you need is a decent pair of shoes and you're good to go.

You can do this!!!

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8/1/12 5:54 A

First, set up your account with all your goals. Then, read the steps, you'll be in Phase 1. THere are tutorials on how to use all the trackers. The most important thing is to start to measure and track all your food. Read labels carefully. There are usually multiple servings in a box of something, so carefully portion out what you eat to one serving. Keep your calories and macronutrients in the ranges spark provides. Start a workout gradually. Start with 10 minutes. It can be walking a video, whatever. Do a combination of cardio and strength, but don't push it. The most important thing, imho, to focus on is making changes to your lifestyle, forming new, healthier habits and getting rid of bad habits. It takes 2-3 weeks for something to become a habit, so really focus on "getting through" the first 2-3 weeks. Drink your water. Again, you can start slow, make a swap. Are you a soda drinker? Swap your sodas for water for the majority of them, maybe have a diet one a day. Little things turn into big things! Good luck!

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8/1/12 5:32 A

Hi there! Well, there are many things this site can is what I use it for:

- detailed food tracking (massive food database with full nutritional info...calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc)
- easy to read "where am I at today?" food screen that helps me decide what I can/can't eat for rest of the day
- personalized calorie/fat/carb/protein daily limits based on my weight loss goals (the system does all the calculating for me)
- weight and measurement tracking and reports
- exercise tracking (database of almost every exercise activity you can think of, how much each activity burns)
- lots of articles on cooking, nutrition, exercise...I use the recipes and nutrition articles the most

Best thing about this site? Its free. I don't understand why anyone would pay someone to do what this free site does.

Good luck!

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8/1/12 3:40 A

Hi there I am a 30 year old female who is over weight and I read on AOL news about this lady who used this web site to reach her weight goal and healthier life style. I don't have money to find a personal trainer or pay for other sights. I had nothing left as far as ideas go. So here I am and I really want to reach my goal but I just don't understand much about this web site yet. I have read things but I am still having a hard time understanding how things work. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you :)

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