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12/20/11 1:13 P

Plenty of time to lose!
I know you said the gym is out of the question, but what about just a quick 10 minute exercise each day? Little things now can go a long way over the next 8 months!

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12/18/11 5:10 A

Thanks! Yes, eating habits are definately what I need to concentrate on!

I like a drink and we eat out lots! Lots of things to change for 2012!

Merry Christmas!

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12/9/11 12:32 P

It sounds like if you just focus on your eating habits, you'll be able to lose the weight no problem. You could also try getting some workout DVDs and putting in a quick workout in the morning to start your day off.

August is a looooong way away, I think if you put in the effort now you will reach your goal for sure. :D

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12/7/11 5:12 P

Hi everyone!

I have just signed up to this site, so don't really know what I am doing as yet!

I guess I just really need some motivation and think that an online community such as this could be just what I need!

I want to lose 2.5 stone and tone up! I am getting married in August 2012 and wanting to look my best!! I am a member of my local gym, which I used to love going to at least 4 times a week and running was a great hobby! However, since starting a PGCE and having each evening dedicated to Lesson Planning and marking, the gym has gone out of the window.

I walk 3 miles a day but eat like a pig when i get in!!!!

Anybody fancy getting to know each other and having a personal motivator?

Thanks x

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