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1/13/14 6:27 P

I would recommend doing at least one session with a personal trainer which would help set you up with a personalized work out plan. Ask at the gym, most gyms will give you one free personal training session when you sign up. Beyond that the first thing I typically look at at the gym is the class offerings. Classes are a great way to get structured exercise, I tend to get lazy when left to my own devices.

1/11/14 8:14 A

Thank you all for the suggestions. The work out generator seems like a great tool. At home I have a bowflex for my strength training. I'll have to look into the trainer at the gym hopefully the fist session is free as I am a new member. Sometime the people at the gym are so intimidating that I stick to myself... I'll work on opening up know that they are probably great resources!!!

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1/10/14 1:27 P

As the others have suggested, be sure to include 2 to 3 full body strength training workouts/week. They don't have to be long in length (20 to 30 minutes). Play around with the workout generator (
) to come up with a strength training workout.

If the gym has a rowing machine, use it a couple of times a week. It may help to have someone at the gym show you proper form and how to work the screen (if you want to set it for a specific time or distance). Here's one link to a video showing proper form:
. The rowing machine is a great full body workout.

Like the others have mentioned, ask questions about the machines if you need to. Most gyms do offer a tour of the gym and will explain how to use the equipment. Just let them know which equipment you are most interested in using.

Check out some of the classes. Some find it easier to stick with working out if they go to a class. I prefer working out alone, but that's just me. If the gym has a pool, there may be some classes, like water aerobics, that you can take that are in the pool (if it's an indoor pool).

Maybe even check to see about the cost of a personal trainer and/or a fitness assessment. If it's reasonably priced, it might be a good idea to get a personal trainer. I recently joined the Y and for $25, you'd get a complete fitness assessment and 6 sessions with a personal trainer.

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1/10/14 8:53 A

What made a difference for me at the gym in sticking with it was taking classes. I do step aerobics, yoga, Zumba, cycle, weight lifting and others. It keeps it interesting! My gym doesn't have a pool, though.

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1/10/14 8:19 A

What an awewsome gift....use it to the fullest! Ask at the gym if they'll provide at least an introduction to all the equipment. If you can swing it, a couple of sessions with a trainer would go a long way. I would suggest getting the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler. It's got routines already spelled out for you, and pictures/desciptions of all the moves. That book totally changed the way I look at the free weights area of the gym.

If the gym offers classes, check those out as well. They're a great way to throw some variety in your routine and keep things fresh.

I have found that I get the best results when I do 2 full body workouts a week and 3 days of cardio. I know some folks can squeeze in 3 strength workouts a week, but I just can't keep that up for any length of time and still get full recovery between sessions. You should always allow at least 48 hours between strength sessions for recovery, so I put one of my rest days (or a light cardio day) after each strength session.

Just remember that everyone had their "first day", and their learning curve at the gym. You're there for YOU and your health, and everyone else is there to get in and get out too.

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1/9/14 11:22 P

If you are having trouble with adjusting equipment, just ask the staff. They will be more than happy to help you.

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1/9/14 10:08 P

I would encourage you to use the weights at the gym, as they more than likely have a much larger selection than you have at home.

1/9/14 9:40 P

Hello All.

I received a gym membership from my mother that includes use of a pool. Currently I am going my the seat of my pants when it come to what to use, when to use it, and the best use of my time when I am working out. I only do cardio at the gym as I work out with weight at home 3 time a week.

Suggestions and Advise would be greatly appreciated.

My usual work out at the moment consist of a 35 min elliptical work out (I increase my time 5 mins every 9 days). Some time I'll walk on the treadmill about 20 min mile but that is rare and I tried the recumbent bike but just didn't feel like I was working any thing out but then again I could not figure out how to adjust the resistance.

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