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ONMYMARK SparkPoints: (1,234)
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10/18/13 9:33 P

Good luck to you too, good to know I'm not alone as a newbe.

KIDALOT SparkPoints: (21,521)
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10/18/13 9:14 P

hello, i'm new too. i think it's been 2 weeks as well. if i lose 25 i'll be happy. would rather lose 30 or so but that seems so far away. also getting used to sparkpeople. good luck to you and hope to see you around!!!

10/18/13 1:13 P

Welcome Pooja

POOJACHATURVEDI SparkPoints: (3,167)
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10/18/13 12:38 P

My name is Pooja. I am from India.. I do not know how I ended up on this site, but it is like a dream land! Its been only 6 days since i joined in, but its the best things that has ever happened to me..
I had lost about 23 kilograms in a year's time, about 5 years back. but then i met with a massive accident. right after that i started gaining weight and it has never stopped...
6 days back when i joined this awesome website, i weighed 107 kilograms and in these 6 days i have already lost 5 kilograms! which is like unbelievable!!!!
Loosing weight, which had been a great issue for me, has now become so easy! all thanks to being able to track down my meals and all..
This is definitely the best website ever made!

EFFIEANNIE Posts: 4,073
10/18/13 9:36 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
This really is a great site. I just stumbled across it from an article in Woman's Day mag.

10/18/13 9:34 A

Welcome to sparkpeople.

BILL60 Posts: 927,667
10/18/13 8:47 A

Welcome to SP.

WATERONE SparkPoints: (96,566)
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10/18/13 6:41 A

emoticon Lana. emoticon on what you have already accomplished and wishing you much success on your journey to better health and fitness.

ONMYMARK SparkPoints: (1,234)
Fitness Minutes: (1,626)
Posts: 6
10/18/13 5:01 A

Hi my name is Lana, I've been on sparkpeople for 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm really enjoying all the free information and fantastic trackers, I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover it. Thank you to all that have come before me and made sparkpeople what it is today. I am enjoying a steady loss of weight and have another 25kgs to lose.

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