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PMEYERHOFER SparkPoints: (6,168)
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6/30/14 10:16 P

Thanks Nancy- obviously I need to explore the site more and see what it has to offer. I got very used to the Wt Watchers mobile tools- hopefully this one has a lot to offer as well.

PMEYERHOFER SparkPoints: (6,168)
Fitness Minutes: (6,121)
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6/30/14 10:15 P

Many thanks for the tip... Maybe once I start tracking my food and exercise I will see how it processes everything. Will watch the tutorial as well. I see there is a Sparks tutorial as well.... Will check that out!

SUSANELAINE1956 SparkPoints: (245,578)
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6/29/14 12:53 P

emoticon At the top of the page, you will see a banner with "My Trackers" as a choice. Point your mouse to that, and you will see "My Nutrition" which takes you to the tracker. It is automatically set up to show caories, carbs, fats, and proteins. You can also customize it to follow other items you want to track. For example, I track my sodium. Let me know if you need further help. I've been using the tracker for almost 2 years and find it very helpful.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 57,717
6/29/14 11:58 A

Welcome - This site has both exercise and nutrition trackers and they can be linked. You can also track other specific nutrients in addition to the carbs and protein - sodium, fat, iron, etc. You will find all sorts of resources to help you on your journey.

PMEYERHOFER SparkPoints: (6,168)
Fitness Minutes: (6,121)
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6/29/14 10:44 A

If you can track your carbs and proteins with this app along with exercise. I have not had success with weight watchers and its getting expensive. I have only lost 16 pounds in 8 months. I follow the program and track and exercise and its frustrating.

My nutritionist wants me to count carbs and protein. I am not diabetic but it runs in family. So its probably not a bad idea. I am very overweight and have thyroid issues. Any suggestions are appreciated. I thought spark people had a free carb counter but I am not locating it....thnx!

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