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I am not a foster mom, but I am the mom of a wonderful 11 yr old little girl (she is a special needs child). Keep doing the spark tracking. Especially with becoming a mom you are going to need to take care of you so you can enjoy your child. As I lose weight I have more energy and can do so many more fun things with my daughter. It will also help if you are eating healthy for your child to do it from the start. That way he/she will not have to struggle with their weight and will have good eating habits from the start.

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Ive been on and off spark people for a few years, but never really got into it. With the new year, Im making a new goal to use it daily for calorie counting, and support. I love this message board because I will be new to parenting soon as well. We are working towards being foster parents and will be certified by April (fingers crossed). With the potential for a family coming up, I know I need to get in gear and eat healthier and become more active so that I can be a good role model, and be more able to keep up with them!

Any other foster families out there?

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