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3/3/13 10:22 P

Hi! I'm new to Spark People also. Joined late last night through my phone, now I am just reviewing the plan, boards, wow, there is so much to take in and learn! Going to spend tonight navigating the site, and starting tomorrow. I also just cancelled my WW online membership, was a member for six months, thought I could do it, but battled the same loss/gain of 5-7 pounds, and decided to give something else a try. I'm hoping this will be it! I'm 53, married, a mother of 4 very active, athletic children, who volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter. I'm on meds for high blood pressure, which I really would like NOT to take, and I know losing weight would help with that. Like yourself, I know I need to be a healthy person for myself, not for anyone else. Tomorrow morning starts a new day for me, and I'm hoping to hear and learn from others on this plan!

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3/3/13 9:51 P

Hi My name is Carolyn I'm new to Sparkpeople.I am glad to be here because I need help to lose the weight I want to lose. I'm 65 and I weigh 185, I'm 5'3".I tried myself with no sucess.I want to lose 40 lbs by July 20. I've seen many encouraging ways on this site to accomplish
goal. I'am so grateful this here emoticon

with God's help I can do this
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3/3/13 9:06 P


I don't want to live my life as an unhealthy person.
I will do whatever it takes to receive OPTIMAL HEALTH.
I can have anything I want --- I just don't want that.
Keep your eyes on the PRIZE @@
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3/3/13 8:54 P

emoticon and emoticon

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3/3/13 8:15 P

Hello and welcome to the Sp family.....glad to have you join us.....this is an amazing site and you'll love definitely has the tools you'll need to make that life long change just stick with it and ask questions when needed someone is always around to help you,.....get involved with active teams and you'll do fine

If You're tired or starting over stop giving up

Tema - Matteson IL

"Tenacity is the quality displayed by someone who just won't quit -- who keeps trying until they reach their goal. Anything really worth doing takes persistence, perseverance, and stubborn determination! I AM a Tenacious Jungle Tiger and these are my survival skills!!"
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3/3/13 7:59 P

Hi, welcome to SP and I am so glad you've found this site since it really is everything you're looking as active here as you can be....the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. I highly recommend using the nutrition and fitness trackers. Find at least one team that you relate to so you can have interaction regularly with others of similar interests. For me it's two teams that I find myself most active with and the other team members are like my closest friends who keep me on track while always being supportive and encouraging. And don't ever feel shy about asking for help if you find something confusing, there are so many people here willing to help!

Donna, NE Wisconsin, CST

Every day there is a life fight, and every day we respond to that fight. We may not win each battle, but we will win, with great effort, enriched character and gained wisdom, the great battle that constantly challenges us in our daily lives. - Unknown
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3/3/13 7:39 P

Hello! This is my second day on Spark People. I just cancelled my WW online membership after joining in January 2012. Lost and gained the same weight all year long..which was not the case 10 years ago when I did WW. Lost 40 pounds...kept it off for about a year..then I let it and 40 lbs more pile back on. Like many of you, I have tried just about everything under the sun to lose weight - though I have tended to avoid crash diets and fad diets one I hit my 40s. I have been looking for something that I can make part of my everyday life and become the healthy person I know I need to be for myself and my family. I started to foresee a lifetime of joint issues, aches and pains, diabetes and other chronic illness in my future - but I am refusing to give up on myself. I am hoping to get my husband on board with me so we can share a life of health and happiness for many years to come! Looking forward to reading more of the inspirational stories on this site! :-)

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