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Posts: 253,242
4/24/13 8:41 A

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and get ready for a tough, but rewarding ride.

SparkPoints: (83,133)
Fitness Minutes: (63,560)
Posts: 4,458
4/23/13 10:39 P

Hi and welcome! It's great to have you here!! Jump right in and make yourself at home! Get the support and inspiration you need to succeed! Just take it one day at a time! You can do it!

SparkPoints: (36,730)
Fitness Minutes: (62,450)
Posts: 262
4/23/13 8:37 P

Hi! Welcome back to Sparkpeople! Good luck!

Posts: 4,714
4/23/13 7:20 P

The commitment is forever, but as BIG losers, we have he benefit of learning how to do be healthy over the months and months that it takes to get us to goal. Ask for anything you need here in the way of support or explaining features of the program. emoticon

SparkPoints: (2,077)
Fitness Minutes: (1,974)
Posts: 18
4/23/13 6:36 P

Hi! I've been off and on SP a couple of times, but only for a couple of weeks each time. Now that I've been going strong fairly consistently, I'd like to build a strong support group, because I've already started to see the importance of a support group. Not only that, but I've seen how motivating it it so get encouragement from others... So, I thought I'd start here!

I have over 100 pounds to lose (Ouch, that hurts to put in writing). (I won't say that, in reality, I have 122 pounds to lose, because that would be even harder to admit).

I like to exercise, but tend not to.
I have horrible eating habits, and learning new recipes and foods is fun and motivating so far!
I've been seriously working on losing weight since March 27 (three weeks), and have lost 7 pounds, and am excited!!! But, it has made me realize how much of a commitment this is going to be... I'm down with that! I know hard times and lack of motivation will come, but am trying to build up support now, for when I need it later!!!

Thanks for all your support that I'm sure I will get from such an encouraging group of people!

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