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7/24/13 11:21 P

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Welcome to Spark People!!!! You will love it!!! About the water; sometimes I add lemon juice to my water.

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7/24/13 5:33 P

If you have PCOS, then that could definitely be a contributing factor to weight gain, as it does affect your hormones. :(

However, people have managed to control their weight even with PCOS, and I'm sure you can too! I encourage you to check out a few SparkTeams regarding it, even!

One thing about water: The taste varies depending on the source. You can definitely try to add natural, healthy flavorants like fruits/veggies to help give it some flavor that you can immediately recognize, but if you don't like drinking your tap water (for example), try filtering it, or (I know this isn't environmentally friendly, but it is an option) buying bottled water... and try different brands, because they vary too! When you find a water that tastes good to you, you'll have an easier time of drinking it.

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7/24/13 5:08 P

You could squeeze a lemon or lime into water or put some sliced cucumber in there.

Welcome to Spark People!

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Hello my name is Emily Saul I am 22 years old an I usually have had a nice weight I used to wear a size 0! I don't know what happened my doctors say it's because I have Pcos an that's what adds the weight but I think their wrong! I have been trying my hardest to eat better an make better health choices before it's to late any ideas please help thanks! An anyone know how to enjoy drinking water better!

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