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6/1/14 9:12 P

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You can do it. The 3 basics, exercise, nutrition and commitment. And none of them are easy at first but don't give yourself a chance to quit. If you stumble pick yourself up. Try different things. Look at it from a different perspective. But just don't quit.

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6/1/14 9:10 P

p.s. A frozen yogurt is not "cheating' on this plan.

Anything that you want to eat, you can eat. Just adjust the rest of your day so that you fall within your allotted calories.

If you go over, try again the next day.

You are not a failure. What you eat or don't eat does not make you a failure.
You are giving yourself the gift of trying to get healthier, and that is a WIN!

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6/1/14 9:09 P

Hey Bob!

Relax, guy! emoticon

There are as many different diets as there are people, and no single one is the answer for everyone.

Use the Spark nutrition tracker. It will give you a healthy calorie range and ranges for fats, protein, and carbs that is based on sound science. You can even have it tell you EXACTLY what to eat if that makes it easy for you.

If you find you prefer to eat lower-carb and higher-fat, go for it. Basically the diet that will WORK is the one you will stick with. Eat lots and lots of vegetables and try to make everything else you eat close to the form it came in -- e.g. a pork chop rather than a hot dog. Don't worry too much about all of the "hype" surrounding different eating plans. Figure out by trial and error what works for you to maximize satiety while promoting weight loss.


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6/1/14 7:43 P

Hi Bob,
Welcome to SP!
This is a welcoming, supportive community with lots of helpful and knowledgeable members.
I do suggest you create a Spark Page so other members can drop by with encouragement and positive feedback.
I also recommend you join a few Spark Teams that interest you. It's one of the best ways to stay accountable plus you will meet others with similar interests and or challenges.

Here are a few links that might help:

Best of luck to you!

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6/1/14 6:32 P

Hi everyone. My name is Bob. I'm a 55 year old twice divorced dad. My weight has jumped up and down my whole life. I'm currently at my second highest level. I almost committed to bariatric surgery but wanted to try one more time on my own. I've lost ten pounds but I'm confused about dieting and depressed right now. I lost ten pounds the first week and 2 lbs the second. I hear low carb is the way and then I read too much protein is bad. Diets are so confusing. I cheated a little today and had a frozen yogurt. Now I feel like a failure. I need a pep talk, I think.

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