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10/14/03 2:05 P

I want to thank everyone for your support and understanding. Your suggestions have been a great help. At class last night, I did return from the break with a box of raisins in hand that I swipped from the department secretary and everyone was excited because they thought there were raisins in the vending machine. So, I don't think I am gonna have as hard a time with my fellow 1st year students that I originally thought I would. BUT the beer/grad meeting is this Thursday, so we will see how the 2nd years take the changes I am trying to make. Also, I must admit... my ex-fiance is not as bad as all of you may think. He is interested in losing a few pounds and appears to want to create a healthier lifestyle but he just came to ask me if I wanted to try a chinese buffet for lunch. Needless to say, we're working on it.
Thanks again,

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10/13/03 5:11 P

I understand what you are going through. I moved from the San Fransico bay area to Muncie Indiana to go to graduate school. What a shock that was! It is tough to be far from home and working so hard. Boy with an ex around to, yikes! It's interesting how we can all live in the same country but be so differant (not in a bad way it's just differant). You really have to think when you go shopping because a lot of the food brands and avalablites are differant. I went from having a orange tree in the back yard to having then 2 for a dollar! I don't think I eat an artichoke the whole time I was there, but the people where wonderful.

Don't just study, I know its hard (if your like me you worked too), but take time to see the area, vist all the little towns and museums, check out the local festivilles. It's a cheap way do something fun. Good luck on your adventure!

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10/13/03 3:15 P

Ewwww! I hope the Ex is in a different department or that you are still great friends.

I see from your profile that mindless eating and studying go hand in hand. I had to be drinking sugar and caffeine while studying, skipped other food, and now I have low blood sugar problems, low blood pressure problems, and probably have already started on osteoporosis (and no there is no scientific evidence that my poor eating style of my young adulthood lead to my blood sugar/pressure problems now - - - but it could be one cause of one or both). Maybe you can make sure that the mindless eating is comprised of celery, carrots, and cauliflower and maybe you can add in water, decaf teas, and herbal teas. (And I say diet soda also but I'm beginning to think that the only people on the planet who drink diet soda live where I do since people post here from all over and it seems I'm the only diet soda drinker around.)

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10/12/03 10:25 A

Ex-fiance - ugh. I am happily married now, but before I met my husband I had one of those too. We went to the same school for a while, and I hated running into him.

Well anyway, welcome to the group! If you have any questions, need support, want to share your success, or just have something to say, please post. Everyone on the boards is great.

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10/11/03 6:08 P


Welcome aboard! Setting up systems to help achieve your goal is very important. When those factors that caused you to lose weight get to you, try to get in the habit of doing something that gets you closer to your goal. For example, the next time you feel a little lonely because you are so far away from home, go workout. I guarantee you'll feel better! When your department goes out for unhealthy meals, stick to your guns of eating healthy and you'll influence more people than you realize! If you consistently do these things for a few months, they get easier and easier, and turn into habits - positive habits! They work just the same as negative habits. If you do them on a regular basis, it gets difficult to break them!

If you need help with anything let us know. There are a lot of supportive people here!

Have a good weekend!
"Coach" Joe

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10/11/03 11:07 A

Hi, my name is Lacosta. I am a new member, with an old goal. For the last three years I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds with no avail because of my student lifestyle. Now that 10 has turned into 15, I am begining to feel very overweight. None of my clothes fit anymore, I had to go buy more jeans last week and that clenched it for me... I have to do something about my weight now before it gets too out of control. Factors influencing my weight gain are: just moving FAR away from home (Louisiana to Michigan), being a 1st year masters student in a department that prizes itself on nights out of rich foods and beer, and my ex-fiance who is also in school with me. I am very excited to find Sparkpeople and ready to get started. So lets do it!

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