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1/10/13 3:05 P

Tammy, sometimes I find it more time consuming but more accurate to enter all the ingrediants I eat. Once I find an accurate listing I do save it to my favorites if it is an all the time food I eat. I tend to stick to the same foods. Good luck. This is an awesome site for tracking calories and THAT is the only way to really watch our weight. Bye Bye empty calorie choices!!!

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1/10/13 2:58 P

Thank you Ladies for your help

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1/10/13 2:23 P

Kelly-SP is 100% correct. Hope you do check the website.

I'd guess it includes the bread and meat, no cheese, no condiments - definitely no mayo. Probaby no black olives, but the lettuce, spinach, tomato, green pepper, onion, cucumber contain few calories anyway. The wheat bread option gets you some fiber and more vitamins. Toasting doesn't change the calories! Mustard isn't many calories either.

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1/10/13 1:38 P

If it is entered from another user, you may want to just check on subway's site and look up the nutritional info on there to confirm. They list it all out very clearly for folks to have guidance in this very arena. When you have confirmed, you may want to add it as a favorite so you can check it quicker next time you eat it.

Be well,

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1/10/13 1:20 P

Hi, my name is Tammy and I am brand new to Sparkpeople. I have already put in my food items for the day and noticed that I was going to go over my goal for my calories so picked a Subway 6inch Turkey sub. It says that its only 280 calories but it won't tell me if that includes the bread, the veggies and any condiment. Can someone help me with this?

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