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12/31/12 4:08 P

soon enough

PRIM121 Posts: 58
12/31/12 2:38 P

Nightskystar...........that is a couple of new ideas I've not heard, so, I thank you very much! Indeed, some people assume if one is not consuming alcohol we'll be the party spoiler. Not so, as apparently we both know. Bring my own food? Hmm....worth a try. Thanks again. emoticon

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12/31/12 1:55 P

Drinking less than in the past! emoticon

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12/31/12 10:54 A

eat before you go...take some snacks in a bag, get a small plate of food there (peruse the table and take what is closest to plan) then fill your plate from what you brought! (celery sticks, carrots, nuts, fruit, string cheese..whatever is portable and will transport. then eat SLOWLY!!
Again, on the drinks..i always ask for water, or sparkling water, with a twist and a straw. when people see the twist and the straw they assume its a mixed drink and leave me alone. I dont know why people have the need to watch others drink but they seem to...and this trick WORKS. i nurse the drink for an hour then get another. you could do it with diet soda, too..just be sure to aske for a straw or swizzle stick!

PRIM121 Posts: 58
12/31/12 9:34 A

I want to stay motivated at a New Years Eve party. There will be plenty of food, drink and pressure.

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