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11/6/12 1:56 P

I am so happy for you. Congrats.

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
11/6/12 10:12 A

Thats awesome! Congratulations!

11/6/12 7:54 A

I am SO happy for you! I know exactly what you mean! I have been on a month long plateau, but I just started buying a size smaller pant. Spark IS working, even if the scale doesn't say so! I plan to take my measurements soon and, like you, that will be the real measure of progress. Keep on Sparkin' and congratulations on your great non-scale victories!

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11/5/12 11:55 P


11/5/12 8:57 P

So recently the scale has been staying in one place despite my tracking my food and stepping up my exercise. However, I did think I was LOOKING a lot leaner, so I got out my tape measure to check. My waist is now 26 inches. 26! I don't think I've EVER had a waist that small, not even as a little kid!

My around-the-butt measurement has actually gotten slightly larger, which probably means that I measured wrong last time, but which I prefer to take as evidence that all of those squats are working, haha. :) So then I used Spark's calculator to check my waist to hip ratio: exactly .70. It used to be .75!

Then I did an awkward little happy dance in my undies all around the apartment, and my boyfriend told me that my butt looked good. YES IT DOES, GOOD SIR, YES IT DOES.

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