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TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
10/6/13 6:05 A

Awesome-- Thank you creating the new group

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,793)
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10/6/13 5:59 A

yesterday started out with Mom & I going to the October Festival which we both love. However after driving 45 min. & getting there ,we stayed 30 min. & decided to go home because we were both not into it this year with personal issues going on. Turned out because of leaving like we did we met the issues head on to be resolved by meeting the right person at the right time & the 4 months of issues was resolved because of us both having the same feeling inside we had to leave then , The most perfect timing, we were praying for 4 months along with others,, & it was solved in God's timing not ours.The issue was affecting Mom the most she is 84 & I am so thankful Mom now has answers & total peace

10/6/13 5:30 A

Today I'm grateful for our National Health Service. Pains in chest yesterday, called 111 for medical advice, while I was still on the phone they sent an ambulance (because an old lady with chest pain needs to be seen immediately) They kept me for several hours, examined me thoroughly and could not have been kinder. Not a heart attack but "worryingly low heart rate" I have to have further tests as an outpatient.

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10/5/13 11:37 P

I will definitely join!! Thank you!!!

TYPE2DAD Posts: 93
10/5/13 1:07 P

Started a new team today called "Daily Gratitude".

Its a place to share whatever you are grateful for today no matter how big or small it is.

Please feel free to pop in and share


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