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Love It!

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Hi my name is Marloe and last year I reached seriously obese.

I recently turned 63 and for a good 40 years I have been trying various diets, diligently researching as much as I could: Low Carb lifestyles, Low GI/GL, Primal/Paleo, Whole Food, Raw Food, Food Combining, Rosemary Conley Low Fat, faddy ones like Beverly Hills, only fruit or cabbage soup (for a seriously limited time), Harcombe, Mediterranean and many more which I have already forgotten, ones I tried when I was young and anxious because I had a tendency towards plump.

If I was pleasantly plump right now I would be dancing!

It hasn't all been a waste of time though. I learned a lot about nutrition along the way, but "going on a diet" has just made me fat...and fatter still. Eventually I reached the top end of 126 kg and that just made me mad and sad, and sadder still.

Examining the facts, I found that I resisted a certain element in all diets. Not one fulfilled everyone of my tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes, and more than that, any deprivation sucked in my opinion. If I was on a low carb diet, my favourite ice cream was out. If I was on Low fat, lamb shanks on potato mash blew my diet out of the water. Being a lover of all things food and cooking made me realise I needed to make up My Own Diet.

MOD. It is about informed healthy choices with a margin for 'error'.

If you feel like I do, come by and visit the brand new Spark Team MOD where nothing is forbidden, all is allowed, and see what is finally working for me. My Own Diet.

Everyone should have one:)

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