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New Recipe Disaster...Eat it or no?

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Posts: 2,107
4/30/10 12:57 P


Posts: 1,321
4/30/10 12:32 A

Agreed - it depends. Fortunately I rarely make something BAD. Boring, yes. Not great, yes. But usually not inedible.

Except for the time I tried to make Pad Thai...


Posts: 2,620
4/29/10 7:58 P

Unless it is absolutely disgusting I will push through and eat it. I have the "waste" demon in my head too. My husband on the other hand seems to have kicked his out after he moved out of his parents house. If it is even close to not so hot, he won't touch it. However, I will eat it not only after it is done but if there is leftovers for lunch or dinner.

Sometimes I can modify it so it doesn't taste as bad - cheese tends to help anything.

Posts: 137
4/27/10 7:21 P

I don't eat it.

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Posts: 1,851
4/27/10 3:52 P

I'm also one that hates waste so if I can stomach it just to eat it I will. If its really bad though, it's just not worth it, it'll spoil your appetite for it next time, even if it is good.

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Posts: 16,787
4/24/10 12:27 P

I agree with the other posters - if I can still manage to get it down I will, because I don't like wasting food either.

But if I just can't stand it, it goes in the compost bin.

That's why I now typically make 1/2 or 1/4 of a new recipe because if I can't tolerate it I'm not wasting all that food ... I can always make it again later if I like it.

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Posts: 221
4/24/10 12:20 P

I did this last weekend..ate it..wished I hadn't

Posts: 445
4/21/10 8:39 P

It depends. If it's so terrible that I want to gag, I'll trash it (although I hate doing it), but otherwise I'll eat it because I don't like wasting food.

Posts: 1,004
4/19/10 5:33 P

If it's bad I won't eat it. I also hate to waste food, but I want to enjoy what I eat.

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Posts: 823
4/19/10 5:00 P

Depends on how "bad" it is. If it's really bad, it usually gets trashed. I hate to do it, but I find that if we do eat it, you tend to not feel "satisfied" at the end of the meal and eat more to get that feeling afterwards.
If it is bad, but still palatable, I'll usually eat part of it, or use it as a side dish while I make something else that I know will taste good.

Posts: 313
4/19/10 11:23 A

I won't eat it if it comes out really bad. I hate to waste food, but if you're going to gag trying to eat it, don't do it.

Posts: 314
4/18/10 1:23 P

So if you try a new recipe (one you found online or even one you just came up with) and it flops, so you eat it anyways? I hate to waste food but I also hate to waste my precious daily allotment of calories.

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