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RAINA413 SparkPoints: (98,670)
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9/16/13 1:57 A

Welcome to Spark!! So happy to have you here!
Be sure to take advantage of all the support within our community as well as all the resources Spark has to offer and you are sure to be successful!

1DRWOMAN Posts: 2,151
9/16/13 12:57 A

Hello Anthony!
You're funny! WE need funny peeps on here!!! Welcome to SP!!! I can assure you there are guys on here!!!! Check out my sparkpage and'll find some cool ones! I don't do "uncool" lol I bet there's a Man (grunt grunt) group on here!!!
Anyway...congrats on getting with the program and changing your life the healthy way! It's not a diet! It's a lifestyle training program! At least that's how I feel. When you know better, you do better! If you need anything, please holler!
Have a great journey!!!

TABBIESWINDELL SparkPoints: (1,141)
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9/16/13 12:27 A

At first I was A little nervous to try this...
but then i have been doing this for awhile and it is something i like to do now and i am glade i actually started using it and didnt just rool my eyes and walk away:) emoticon

NFLATTE Posts: 9,513
9/15/13 7:54 P


PINKHOPE Posts: 25,769
9/15/13 7:21 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Good luck in your Spark Journey!


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9/15/13 7:18 P

Welcome to sparkpeople! The support here is endless, you're going to love it! Good luck on your journey! :)

PROUD-GRANDMA SparkPoints: (113,490)
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9/15/13 6:01 P

Welcome to SP Anthony! Enjoy the journey!!

-SHAWN- Posts: 25,252
9/15/13 2:34 P

Hello and Welcome to SparkPeople!

I started Sparking in June of 2007. By using Spark and some self discovery along the way, I'm down 50 pounds, and am holding steady at a healthy weight. Spark is a massive site, you'll be discovering new and exciting things for months to come!
* Diet is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate! emoticon emoticon

ACASTILLO11 SparkPoints: (1,470)
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9/15/13 1:23 P

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes! Best of luck to all of you on your goals aswell.

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MAGWINA Posts: 101
9/14/13 9:40 P

Hello and welcome. I have seen a lot of guys here, Welcome aboard

BECKY0111 SparkPoints: (40,279)
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9/14/13 8:57 P

Welcome Anthony! You've made a wise decision to start living healthier at such a young age. All the best to you!


LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (329,765)
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9/14/13 8:02 P

Hi Anthony,
Welcome to SP!
Don't worry there are other guys here. You aren't alone. emoticon
This is a welcoming, supportive community. Members are helpful and knowledgeable .
One of the best ways to stay accountable is to be active on your Spark Teams. It's always good to join several as some are more active than others. Plus, it's a good way to make new Spark Friends with similar interests or challenges.

Best of luck to you. You can do it!

ACASTILLO11 SparkPoints: (1,470)
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9/14/13 5:40 P

Ah, how to start this off. Hello Sparkpeople, I'm Anthony and I'm a newbie here. After turning 18 recently I feel as though I need to start getting my life on track in order for a better tomorrow so one of the things that's been itching at me is to finally go out and lose weight so I did some googling and thus here I am =p.I look forward to meeting new people with similar goals (or in general, I'm nice ^.^)

P.S: There's no other guys here :o. I think I'll run into them eventually though. I think they're hiding.

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