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PATTIANN10 Posts: 41
3/3/13 9:22 P

I wish I could input my steps taken every day (I try for 3,500) and have it convert into miles and calories burned. Could you work on that? I'm sure I'm not the only person wishing for this feature. If it already exists could some let me know?

HUSKERGIRL72 SparkPoints: (17,620)
Fitness Minutes: (7,643)
Posts: 257
3/2/13 7:10 P

I have spark on both my computer and my phone....I really like the scan a UPC option on my phone, it would be nice if there was a way to put in the UPC number on my computer versus, having to sort through the many different entries. Just an Idea that I think would make tracking food at home much easier.

It would be helpful in making recipes when you are using different ingredients like pasta, canned food, or frozen items to make a casserole or something, would make the nutritional information more accurate.

SONGBIRDCINDY SparkPoints: (4,850)
Fitness Minutes: (2,033)
Posts: 155
2/26/13 8:33 P

I have a question. For my chosen exercise I am walking the aquatic river at our MAC Aquatic center. It is separate from the olympic pool. I walk 70 laps that make a mile with the current, but I go almost twice the current speed now.

I track it as water jogging... but it is more water walking. It uses a lot of energy but is low impact on my knees etc. I have made terrific progress and look forward to the one mile walk. How would you register this exercise? There is no water walking in a river. And I will tell you when the current is turned off... it is simple. But I walk with the current on.,., and it is a challenge. Much different than walking around in a swimming pool. Can you suggest something? Or can they add aquatic river walking... at different speeds? It originally took me 70 minutes to walk this mile. Now it takes me 40 minutes- water walking... Thanks

TAMMY-ON-MY-WAY SparkPoints: (2,076)
Fitness Minutes: (1,232)
Posts: 10
2/25/13 6:04 P

I set my own goals. This helps me track. I was on SP before and I also blogged and people post and comment asking about your progress.
it keeps you motivated.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
2/25/13 6:56 A

If you click on My Trackers at the top of the page and go to Other Goals, there you can add different kinds of goals to track (either numeric or checkbox.) Is that kind of what you were hoping for?

Coach Jen

COLDFY Posts: 51
2/25/13 5:24 A

It would be great if we could track multiple goals in SP. I have a significant amount to lose, and while my end goal is good motivation, because it is over a significant number of months, I feel it would help to add in mini goals, such as when my BMI is reduced from obese to overweight.

If it's possible to add this feature as optional, I think it would be fantastic, the milestones would help motivate me (as it seems closer) and I could tie a reward to some, like buying a fitbit or going on holiday.

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