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COOP9002 Posts: 34,343
5/12/10 11:57 A

You are correct, rgrjoe. Tornadoes do suck, literally. However, a tornado only lasts for a few minutes whereas one of those hurricanes can last for days.

I've only experienced one "tropical depression" left over from a hurricane a couple of years ago. I would think it would be a whole lot easier to get out of the way of a tornado, than one of those massive hurricanes.

It would probably only take one hurricane for me to want to move. You're a braver man than me.

"Keep your eyes on the prize."
RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
5/11/10 10:54 P

Tornados suck. Had to help rebuild the barn a couple of times. Now I live in south Florida and deal with the hurricanes. I will take the hurricanes over the tornados.

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5/11/10 8:55 P

got any video uploaded?

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COOP9002 Posts: 34,343
5/11/10 12:22 P

That's too funny!

"Keep your eyes on the prize."
T-BONE200 Posts: 29
5/11/10 11:36 A

I ran into TWO Tornadoes yesterday and think I might have lost at least 5 lbs each and a couple of years. I am officially an oklahoman because I stopped my car on the last one to film it.

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