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New Diet! No sugar, No Oil, No flour, No starches

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Posts: 271
4/15/10 1:12 P

No fun! No thanks!

Posts: 1,731
4/15/10 1:11 P

doesn't sound like fun to me

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,671)
Posts: 1,381
4/15/10 12:39 P

Couldn't do it. No tuna on wheat? No scrambled egg on english muffin and a pinch of cheese? LOL

How long could that possibly last? I could see myself going without all of that stuff for *maybe* two weeks, then totally falling off the wagon once I seen/smelled something good.

Everything in Moderation!
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Posts: 17,878
4/15/10 12:32 P

Agree with Archimedesii on this one.. I would never have gotten as far as I have.. 6 years and two on maintenance with trouble free sailing would be impossible with that diet..

SparkPoints: (5,607)
Fitness Minutes: (1,588)
Posts: 200
4/15/10 11:40 A

It's called Atkins...been there done that and gained all the weight back.

Posts: 9,887
4/15/10 10:44 A

No taste was my first thought. I doubt I could stick with this for long.

Posts: 121
4/15/10 10:02 A

Slow and steady means you'll keep it off. Fast means that you'll gain it back once you reintroduce all those foods back into your diet.

SparkPoints: (86,295)
Fitness Minutes: (99,494)
Posts: 1,403
4/15/10 9:53 A

It's not only about taking off the pounds. You need to do it in a healthy way by changing your lifestyle and eating and exercising smart.

Posts: 2,603
4/15/10 9:44 A

No sugar, No Oil, No flour, No starches? NO WAY! That's not healthy. Not to mention pretty impossible to stick to for very long.

SparkPoints: (139,204)
Fitness Minutes: (208,750)
Posts: 20,618
4/15/10 9:19 A

No sugar ? no oil ? no flour ? no starches ? equals...

NO FUN ! and certainly not healthy. Any "diet" that eliminates entire food groups is not healthy. Remember, this is not a diet. Diets don't work. this is a lifestyle change. Changes you make to your health today, you keep for the rest of your life, not the amount of time it takes to lose the weight.

No sugar ? You're never ever going to have a home made cookie or piece of cake ? No oil ? You're not going to eat olive oil, nuts or fish ? All of those items are healthy fats (oils) a person should eat to be healthy. No starch ? There's starch in sweet potatoes. There's starch in whole wheat bread and pasta.

Spark People is all about moderation and portion control. Avoid this diet. Stick with Spark People's principles. There are ten of thousands of members who've had success.

Posts: 7
4/15/10 9:05 A

I was watching Kelly Osborn. This is what she does to loose weight and keep it off and I started it and I'm looseing like crazy!

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