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5/31/13 2:24 P

The Spark Solution is really good. The part I like best is the spark swaps with each recipe. It helps to see how easy it is to still make something that tastes good and get rid of those excess calories.

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5/31/13 1:52 P

Cooking Light and are both free and you can search by ingredient, meal, dietary restrictions, etc.

EEJAYBEE Posts: 261
5/31/13 1:50 P

The SparkPeople cookbook is good! I don't think it's bad value for the amount of information and recipes in it.

5/31/13 12:54 P

there is a really good "Food" app made by Evernote (free) on iOS which is where i've been getting all of my recipes as of late. I've discovered cooking with a variety of new foods there.

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5/31/13 12:17 P

Thank you to both of you! I'll be sure to check them out! :)

5/30/13 8:28 P

Check out this FREE pdf cookbook with meal plans and recipes:

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
5/30/13 4:20 P

Cook's Illustrated 30 Minute Recpies: This is not for the novice cook but you definitely don't have to be a chef to make the dishes. There is a large variety of recipies and a lot of flavors that I would normally not think of. This is my go-to book for dinner most nights. The best part - the meals really only take 30 minutes to make (a little prep on the weekend doesn't hurt though).

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cook Book: This is a great slow cooker cook book if you want something more than just soups. Many of the recipes take some time to put together and require some pre-cooking but that can all be done in the morning so by the time dinner comes around your meal is ready and all the dishes (except for the slow cooker) have been done. I usually make a recipe from this book about once a week on Sunday when I have time in the morning and know that by evening I will be exhausted.

Cooks Illustrated website: Their website has tons of free recipes or you can sign up for the premium memebership (I have one - I absolutely love them) and have access to a lot more. On their site you can type in an ingredient and it will give you tons of delicious recipes that include it. Caution - many of their recipes require random ingredients and take a good bit of time. I now have almost every ingredient that they call for in their recipies and can tell which recipies are quick and which ones are not and make them according to my schedule. webiste - I love this site! It has tons of real food recipies that aren't complicated and are delicious. Again, she uses a lot of main ingredients I would not normally use/eat but because of that I have drastically expanded my food likes and dislikes.

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5/30/13 3:18 P

My boyfriend and I have recently moved in together, and while he isn't too much of a cook, I thoroughly enjoy it. With that being said, I've noticed most of the dishes I make are pasta dishes (very straight forward), and meat and potatoes. I would really like to branch out and experiment with different protein choices, as well as new and fun vegetables. With that in mind, I am in the market for a new cookbook. I would classify myself as a little bit higher than a beginner, but certainly not advanced. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, if it could be kept in mind that my boyfriend and I are students, so we are on a bit of a budget. :)

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