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6/18/13 12:19 P

I have a nike gps watch. I like it to track my miles and time, but don't really trust the calories.

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6/18/13 9:38 A

It's not giving you an accurate representation of the calories you're burning. An inherent limitation of those kinds of watches (that don't have the constant feedback of a chest strap) is that they're not accurately tracking the ups and downs of the heart rate. It also takes focus away from your workout, so you may not be working out as well as you could as if you didn't worry about it. :)

I'd upgrade to one that has a chest strap and allows you to enter your gender, weight, and age.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,342
6/17/13 9:16 P

I have a MIO heart plus watch and I am sometimes suspicious about the calories burned.

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6/17/13 9:00 P

High blood pressure and some medications can lead to an accelerated heart rate above what the exercise itself justifies. So even if the HRM is accurately counting the number of beats, it can lead to an overestimate of the calories burned.

As a reality check, most people burn around 6-10 calories per minute (360-600 per hour). Working out more vigorously can push this to 10-12 per minute. A fit person working very hard might get to about 14 per minute. 915 in an hour is not a feasible figure.


MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/17/13 2:08 P

Does this HRM have a chest strap? Or does it only take finger ratings and then "average out" what it thinks your heart rate is? Those watches can be good at seeing "oh, my heart rate is high, I should slow down" or vice versa, but they're missing a big chunk of data as far as calculating calories. Before you do anything else, make sure your data is correct - pounds vs kilograms, no typos, etc.

I agree with you - 915 calories in an hour seems kind of crazy. What is the Spark estimate for that workout?

6/17/13 11:53 A

It seems crazy but my calorie tracker says I burned 915 calories in one hour of working out.
From those more experienced, how accurate are the heart rate monitor watches?

This one lets me put in height, weight and I have to put my finger on a sensor to register my heart rate.

My work out is a bootcamp style class, nonstop boxing cardio, running and whatever else the trainers have us do. It is a pretty extreme workout but how accurate could that 915 be?

:) thanks's my first time with a monitor too.

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