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2/16/12 2:19 P

ditto on the once a week. Pay attention to your exercise minutes daily along with your nutrition plan daily and the rest will come.

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2/15/12 11:23 A

Once a week, and don't obsess about it. Some people like the daily feedback, but I know I would just go crazy. Most experts and other professional type people say once a week is just fine.

Same time of the day, same day of the week. I do it at my weekly weight watchers meeting, so I have to do it with my clothes on (lol), but I take off my shoes and I try to wear lightweight clothes so the scale is measuring more of me and less of my sweater.

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2/15/12 11:07 A

I weigh myself every day, first thing in the morning. I never weigh clothes or shoes. I even make sure the scale is in the same position on the floor - moving it makes it change a little. It makes me feel good when it is the same (now that I'm maintaining) or it has gone down a little. If it dares to go up - I can fix that quickly, before the added weight becomes a part of ME again. Usually in one day. I just have to KNOW! I use my tape measure several times a week - to make sure nothing is creeping back on! I know the difference in my scale and the one in my building gym, the one in my office gym, even the ones in hotels I go to often. And they are ALL different, so I don't take them seriously - I just check to be sure they don't show more pounds than they did last time I checked. My own scale is digital and always starts on 000. Getting my body back in shape is the single most important thing I'm doing, so why wouldn't I keep track of my progress. emoticon

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2/13/12 12:43 P

I weigh every morning. However, I dont get disouraged with the expected fluctuations on a dayly basis.

I am a charting freak in Excel and graphing works best when there are a lot of data points.

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2/11/12 2:35 P

I weigh myself every morning but don't record my weight unless I have a change. I'm one of those who will lose 1.5 lbs. after weighing the exact same for 2 weeks then go another 2 or 3 weeks without a change.
It could be that my scale (old digital with a memory) doesn't acknowledge small losses, but, even staying the same is fine with me as I am within my healthy range. Also, the older I get, the more realistic I'm becoming.

ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
2/6/12 2:17 P

I weigh first thing every Sunday morning only. I get too discouraged if I weigh more than that because so much effects my weight. I thought I would do myself a favor and only weigh and record once a week. The weigh ins aren't on my mind so much now as they used to be.


1/25/12 10:33 P

I weight every day. I know that there are day to day fluctuations, but check that my trend is down and if my trend is up for 2-3 days I adjust my diet.

NOREENBX Posts: 761
1/25/12 10:30 A

I used to weigh everyday - but that can get ou down because of daily weight fluctuations. Now I weigh and enter once a week.

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1/25/12 9:20 A

I weigh myself every two weeks.

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1/24/12 9:42 A

I weigh in once a week. I used to do it first thing Saturday mornings, but read a blog on SP where a woman said that she weighs in on Fridays to keep herself motivated thru the weekend - so I am going to try that! And always weigh yourself at the same time of day as weight flucuates during the course of the day.

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1/23/12 3:04 P

I weigh myself every day.


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1/22/12 8:20 P

I try to weigh once a week. I think the daily thing would drive me absolutely NUTS!!! :D

NOREENBX Posts: 761
1/20/12 9:56 A

I weigh once a week. Otherwise the fluctuations (up and down) get me frustrated.

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1/17/12 9:43 P

I just read a question about when the best time to weigh was... but I personally weight whenever my scale comes into view.

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1/17/12 7:09 P

I weigh every couple of days because it keeps me focused, however I only record in SP once a week.

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1/11/12 6:09 P

hey :D i weigh in every sunday personally but on the weight tracker it only asks for it to be entered monthly (that might have been the setting i picked though, don't really remember) lol. I wouldn't do it every day :-0 i used to stress myself out all the time doing that and i'd weigh myself at different times of the day too so that was just not helping any :D

TATIANA102 Posts: 5
1/10/12 11:36 P

Thank you!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 34,426
1/10/12 12:06 P

We recommend weighing in no more than once a week. Weighing in more than that, you will see more of your daily fluctuations rather than actual weight loss.

Coach Denise

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TATIANA102 Posts: 5
1/9/12 10:27 P

How often do most people weigh in and enter it? Is it once a week or once a day?

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