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7/15/13 9:45 A

emoticon There's nothing to fear from posting. One thing great about SparkPeople is that it can help you lose weight but it also helps you move from that diet mentality to a healthy lifestyle. We need to learn how to be healthy, not just diet till we reach a certain goal and then go back to eating as we did. Good luck!!

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7/15/13 7:52 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

Although each person has different goals, you're in great company here. The amount of support and community at Sparks is unlike any other website. (Trust me, I've tried them all!) emoticon

If there is any way that I can help you along your journey, just let me know! I'm always here for friends in need.

Irish smiles,

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,800
7/15/13 7:52 A

Good for you! If you have lost a lot before, you know quite a bit about what it takes. You don't say how old you are, but I started with Spark at 64 and feel good about what I have done here.
Good luck to you and if I can help, drop by my Spark page and say hi!


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7/15/13 7:39 A

I am new to this site but I have been trying to lose weight ojn and off for over 20 years, started to gain weight after I turned 50 I lost once 50 lbs but put them on fast enough after I stopped . I have tried every diet I have come across spent a lot of money on different diet products but the fat and me stick together even if it is very unwelcome.
Well my daughter told me about this site and I am giving it a try, maybe with some help I can lose at least a few pounds. I am a little scared of posting , but here it goes.

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