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AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
11/13/13 8:46 P

Good for you... I am 66 and though I have had a treadmill for 20 years, now I finally use it.
Interesting how we begin to value health as we age !

WATERONE SparkPoints: (96,566)
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11/13/13 10:40 A

emoticon Good for you!

11/13/13 1:52 A

I used to run back in my teens (gradeschool and highschool track teams) and even kept it up for a little while later. I tried to get back into it around age 49 or 50 just the way you described but with a knee injury (during my first real run) I had to give it up and haven't really tried to return to it. Instead I turned to cycling. I am now 54 and have found strength training to be necessary in any exercise/weight loss routine.

BARBARACZOR SparkPoints: (3,912)
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11/12/13 9:33 P

I do Zumba! I love it

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,269
11/1/13 1:04 A

Since this is the only life we will ever live, ENJOY jogging or any type of exercise you want. Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of Fitness said DON'T LOSE THE LEGS. So, keep going.

ALBERTJON SparkPoints: (3,133)
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10/30/13 12:29 P

K U D O S ! Go for it! Well-done!

MSANGIBBY SparkPoints: (16,644)
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10/30/13 12:05 P

Excited to say that at 51, I started jogging... I am up to 30 minutes, which for me is huge. All my life I wanted to jog/run, however my upper respiratory allergies kept me from it. I felt I couldn't breathe well enough. Found out that was truly not the case. At 15, first time trying, I got so out of breathe I barely made it home. Found out I was allergic to dogs (had a Chihuahua). So I was afraid to try.

Then, as I would work and and loose weight, as I've one umpteen times, I wasn't wearing the proper running shoes and my feet would kill me, I get too out of breath (cuz I was trying to go to fast). Now, by the grace of God I've put all the pieces together. Started with walking, then faster walking, then intervals--I would jog as much as I could--then go back to walking. I progressed to jogging 3 minutes and walking 1 minute for 30 minutes (Been playing with this one for about the past month). I began to dig deeper and run longer, low and behold I can now jog for 30 minutes!!!

So its never to late and nothing is impossible. emoticon

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